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Watch Twitch Streams and Earn Prizes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Wednesday afternoon, the officials from Infinity Ward have announced their recent Twitch drop release. Fans will be able to watch a series of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare streams that will guarantee them exclusive earnings in the game. The event has already begun, and it will last until the 6th of May. For every hour that you spend watching the streams of Call of Duty, you receive three new rewards.

To be eligible for these prizes, all you need to do is to link your Twitch account with the Call of Duty membership. It does not matter whether you are playing Warzone or Modern Warfare; the streams will help you receive the prizes. Some of the most desired drop eligible streamers can also display Dr. Disresprevt and Nadeshot.

Get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare prizes by watching Twitch

During one hour of Call of Duty, you will learn to use the “Swing Into Action” Calling Card. As two hours pass by, you will have already understood the “Skull Trooper” Emblem. Should you wish to continue watching, you will be offered the “Crimson Standard” to wait for your character.

The Twitch account can be linked to the Call of Duty account on the official website of the game. Keep in mind that if you have already connected the two reports for any reason, Infinity Ward is advising you to re-link them to make sure that everything goes according to the plan. After linking the two accounts, you are good to go. Enjoy the “drop eligible” streams for an unlimited amount of time.

Should you wish to watch more Twitch than the requested period for the prizes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you are entitled to do so without restarting the timer. Therefore, go and check the official website for more information an remember that there is only one more week left to benefit from these prizes and the exclusive content.



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