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VR Titles That Are Changing the Games Industry

One of the most popular game franchises is The Sims, and it is set to have a fifth iteration. While details about The Sims 5 are limited, rumor has it that it’ll include VR this time. It would be a nice addition to the franchise. VR, after all, has been leveling up our gaming experiences over the past few years. So, it would make sense for the franchise to incorporate it into The Sims 5. That being said, EA and Maxis can take inspiration from the following VR titles which have been changing the games industry:

No Man’s Sky


Tech Radar praised No Man’s Sky, even calling it a strong contender for best VR game of 2019. Actually, it just might be this year’s best VR release. Hello Games took an already excellent game, the original No Man’s Sky released in 2016, and made it even better. It’s clear Hello Games went the extra mile as the VR worlds players get to explore are rich and detailed, and the experience is truly immersive and interactive. All told No Man’s Sky is testament to just how expansive VR games can be.

Beat Saber

The Verge’s senior reporter Adi Robertson’s review of Beat Saber describes the game as “Star Wars meets Guitar Hero… but in VR”. Robertson also hails it as 2018’s game of the year. It is, Robertson explains, “an intuitive, physically challenging, and almost unbelievably cool-feeling rhythm game” — its relative simplicity notwithstanding. The objective is to slash a box in the right direction at the right time. But it is enjoyable, and can be highly physical (try the higher difficulties). What’s more, Beat Saber is something everyone can have fun with. This is proof that when done right even a simple game can be a big hit in the VR category.

Poker VR


Poker is one of the more popular card games around. So, it isn’t surprising that we now have VR versions of poker. One of the best is Casino VR’s Poker VRMedium details how this VR game focuses on three aspects: you, the player; your journey as a poker player; and the social experience of playing poker. Functional avatars give you a personal identity in the games. A progression system, meanwhile, takes you on a journey from novice to trophy-winning expert. There are even tutorials that will guide you throughout. Lastly Poker VR highlights the inherently social nature of this card game through voice chat, options to play with friends, and bigger and better tournaments. This focus on poker’s social side adds even more layers of realism and immersion to Poker VR. That’s because more real-life players worldwide want their games to focus on the social experience of playing poker. Something emerging online platforms have been noticed when looking to gain an edge in the industry. Geeker Mag notes how PPPoker allows independent organizers to create unions and host their own games online, which has given players a much larger pool to play against. Importantly the games are more for fun as it allows players to compete against people of their own level. Poker VR takes this one step further by providing an actual digital environment that a person can play in. A good indication of how VR can replicate the real world.

The Climb

Image credit: Facebook

Like Poker VR, The Climb allows players to apply real world skills in a digital environment. The game features numerous environments a player can climb up, each with a different challenge. The detail of this game is astonishing as it really feels like you are suspended far above the ground. Despite feeling the floor beneath your feet you will be hard pressed not to get vertigo. These simulation VR games will transform the gaming industry, as the main drive behind the technology is to create fully immersive and realistic digital environments. Yahoo report that professional climbers reacted positively to the game due to its realistic gameplay. There is no question that this technology will be the foundation of VR going forward.



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