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Vegeta Surpassed Goku in Dragon Ball, and Here’s How

Vegeta surpassed Goku? You heard it right! While Goku has always been the face of the franchise, recent events in Dragon Ball Super suggest that Vegeta may have overtaken his longtime rival. We’ll explore how Vegeta has managed to surpass Goku and what it means for the future of Dragon Ball.

How Vegeta Surpassed Goku`

  • Becoming Oozaru

Vegeta also had a tail just like Goku did as a kid. He could also transform into a Great Ape (aka Oozaru) as he looked at the Moon. But Vegeta was a bit more clever. He tricked his brain into thinking that an energy wave floating on air is the Earth’s natural satellite.

Vegeta Surpassed Goku

Thus, Vegeta could transform into Oozaru and surpass Goku’s strength tremendously. Vegeta was then literally crushing Goku’s bones. However, the Saiyan Prince was significantly dominated in battle by his opponent until that point. This is the first battle between the two Saiyans in Dragon Ball Z. And Vegeta was an evil character at that point.


  • Training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Vegeta became significantly stronger than Goku after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Trunks. Just so you know, Trunks is the son of the Saiyan Prince who came from the future to warn everybody about the androids. For a short time, Vegeta surpassed Goku once again. He proved it by mopping the floor with Cell during his incomplete form. However, Goku also entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber himself along with his son Gohan, and surpassed Vegeta in the end.


  • Seeing Bulma slapped by Beerus

During the first arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime, the God of Destruction Beerus threatened to destroy the Earth. Oddly enough, Beerus wasn’t exactly an evil character. He was willing for such an awful deed for having to maintain some sort of balance in the Universe. Beerus  defeated Goku easily with two blows, even during his Super Saiyan 3 transformation. But for several seconds, Vegeta managed to develop a power way higher than a Super Saiyan 3. As a result, he taught the God of Destruction some manners the hard way.

Beerus’s slapped Bulma, triggering Vegeta’s anger. This incident resulted in a massive power boost for the Saiyan prince in Dragon Ball. Master Roshi also emphasized that Vegeta surpassed Goku at that point. Even if it was for a very short while, it still counts. Plus, it proved to everyone that the proud Saiyan Prince loves his wife madly.


  • Vegeta was way stronger before the two Saiyans ever met

Vegeta was light-years stronger than Goku when the two warriors were teenagers and kids. At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, the character made an appearance as a space pirate. The space pirate followed Frieza’s orders to wipe out entire alien races.

Goku could barely be a worthy opponent against his evil brother Raditz, and our hero died in that battle. When he was severely injured and about to die, Raditz held a final speech. He stated that fighters far stronger than him will arrive to Earth in one year and avenge his death. He was referring to Vegeta and Nappa. Therefore, Vegeta was far stronger than Goku in Dragon Ball Z before the two Saiyans met during their first epic battle on Earth.

The problem is surely not that Vegeta never surpassed Goku. The problem is that Vegeta wants to do it for good. But at this point, Vegeta can still defeat Goku during a one-on-one battle. And that’s if the two mighty Saiyans don’t take things too seriously.


It’s clear that Vegeta has surpassed Goku in several aspects. While Goku may be the stronger fighter, Vegeta has shown greater strategic thinking and character growth throughout the series. As the Dragon Ball franchise continues, we will see how Vegeta’s character develops. We will also see if he will continue to surpass Goku in other ways. Overall, Vegeta’s journey and ability to surpass Goku make him an essential character in the Dragon Ball series.




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