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Valorant Players Are Now Allowed to Disable the Invasive Anti-Cheat

With is terrific close beta release a few weeks ago, Riot Games’ Valorant, raised concerns due to its feature of anti-cheating. Vanguard is the anti-cheat software of Riot, specially developed for the new title.

The feature is automatically installed and is mandatory for playing Valorant. Since the software runs at the kernel level, any issue in the program could bring terrible consequences for users. As expected, the whole gaming community was confused and alarmed. But now, Riot’s first Vanguard update might set some things straight.

Valorant’s Recent Update Brings New Features

Since today (April 28), Riot is now letting Valorant players deactivate the Vanguard feature via a new system tray icon. When the software is off, it will run as an “untrusted mode.” Players will need to reboot if they want to play the fame. With such a change, they finally have an alternative to uninstalling the game to stop the anti-cheat.

Riot’s official statement reads: “You can uninstall or stop Vanguard to allow your software to work, but that will have the side effect of not allowing VALORANT to work until you reboot.”

Vanguard is also developed to track and shut down “specific vulnerable and incompatible software” automatically – meaning that the user will be informed via a Windows notification. Transparency between the community and the developers is essential to a game’s success, and Riot knows such a thing. The recent update was necessary, and Riot also knew that to keep Valorant’s “competitive integrity.”

Valorant is a team-based first-person and tactical shooter set in the future. It is developed and published by Riot Games and set to be launched for Microsoft Windows this summer, with a closed beta that was released on April 7, 2020. In the main game mode, players will have to join either the defending team or the attacking one, with each team having five players on it. The first team to win the first 24 rounds wins the match.



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