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Update 1.08 for ‘Zombie Army 4: Dead War’ Delights the Players

If you like both snipping and piercing deadly bullets into vast hordes of zombies that are trying to eat you alive, then surely you’ll love a game like Zombie Army 4 if you give it a try. This horror game is a Sniper Elite spin-off, as the protagonist character is the same Carl Fairburne that had to fight Nazis in Rebellion’s notorious tactical stealth shooter game series.

In fact, Carl still has to deal with Nazis in Zombie Army 4, as Hitler’s troops had been teaming up with the forces of evil to become zombies after they died. But a new update promises even more exciting gameplay, along with a series of bug fixes.

Update 1.08 is now live

The new 1.08 update for Zombie Army 4 is live and ready to grab for those who want to play the game on an Xbox One, PS4, or PC. Besides the bug fixes, here’s what the update brings new to the horror title:

  • Support for the new Weekly Events, and rewards are included
  • Support for the new DLC: Renegade Officer (Character), Blood Count (Mission), Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins, Gas Mas Headgear Bundle, Mortar Shotgun Bundle

Zombie Army 4: Dead War was released this year in February by Rebellion after the same British company developed it. If you’re willing to feast your eyes upon this game, you must know that the minimum system requirements could be a bit too high for you:

  • Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 4 Cores / ~3.7GHz (or AMD similar)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1030 2GB (or AMD similar)
  • Storage 50 GB

It’s remarkable that Zombie Army 4 is one of those games that can’t run on Windows 7 anymore. Even though that was considered the best operating system ever made by Microsoft, the Redmond-based corporation is not offering support for it anymore since February.

Do you have what it takes to help Carl Fairburne killing those horrendous zombies?



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