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Upcoming Update for Google Chrome Will Extend The Battery Life for Laptops

We have to be fair and admit that a laptop isn’t always the most comfortable option. Desktop computers are more durable, especially for the fact that you are free to change more damaged parts than you can do for laptops.

A laptop’s battery life can also be a significant hindrance for many, and Google thought about fixing the issue in an ingenious way. There’s no secret to anyone that the good old Chrome browser is burning out battery life for laptops at a high pace, especially if you keep multiple tabs open.

Chrome 86 saves the day

The new update known as Chrome 86 will land in October, and it will significantly save some battery life for laptops. More precisely, an experimental feature from Chrome 86 is expected to reduce energy usage by exploiting tabs that run in the background. The strategy works by putting to sleep unnecessary JavaScript timers and trackers.

If you think that it sounds too good to be true, you must take into account that Google saved two hours of battery during a test with one blank foreground tab and 36 background tabs. And two hours of battery life for a laptop surely means something! However, the results while playing a YouTube video weren’t as satisfying, but the testing phase still managed to save about half an hour of battery life.

Google Chrome offers a whole set of useful features that made it the most popular browser in the world. With over 1 billion users, Chrome offers options like instant translation for entire webpages, the ability to arrange your bookmarks into folders and subfolders right above your screen, and much more. In order to visit your favorite webpages, there’s worth knowing that the access is faster than on most browsers available out there. Furthermore, if you access some specific type of content that you don’t wish your parents or spouse to know, there’s always the option of Incognito Browsing. By this method, there will be no trace of the visited webpages within your browsing history.



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