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Unreal Engine 5, PS 5 and Xbox Series X major key feature

Have you seen Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 demo? If I were to use one word to describe, it would be spectacular. The presentation was very well done, comprehensive, and easy to understand. In shorter words, the power of the next generation was proved, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

The outcome of the presentation made one point very clear. The major keys of the upcoming PS 5 and Xbox Series X are the tools. Yes, you read that right. The most important thing about the upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles are the tools. We expect this factor, among others, to change the game industry and game experience forever. 

The reason why this demo presentation was so well done is because of the thoughtful explanations. The company simply explained how the Unreal Engine 5 tool set helped them finish this amazing work. Or better call it “art that just works,” according to the team. All of the fantastic feats were nicely done because and thanks to these tools.

What is so smart about Unreal Engine 5 tool set? Well, let me enlighten you, my friend. According to Nanite, one of the core technologies, artists will have the option to import their hard work directly into the game. That means no polygonal budgets accounting, no baked-in details. It merely means less effort with better results. 

According to the core technology, Lumen, the lighting “erases the need to wait for lightmap bakes to finish and to author light map UVs.” This technology resembles what the previous core technology has done. If we compare the two, we can see that both cut down the back and forth that can slow the creation process down.

Game changing proposal


Thanks to both of these new tech ideas, the work of a developer has become easier. Developers will be able to just develop. Why say that? This is because developers won’t have to worry too much about the minutiae. 

“Unreal Engine 5 gets us far, far closer to photorealism than we’ve ever been before,” told Tim Sweeney, the Epic CEO to “But these are not just technologies for improving the visual quality of games. The other aim and perhaps even the bigger aim is to make content creators more productive, so that you can build next-generation games with a small team and produce incredibly high-quality results without a vast budget.”

“But our goal isn’t just to bring more features to developers — it’s to help solve the hardest problem in game development right now,” he said to VentureBeat. “Building high-quality content takes enormous time and cost. We want to make developers’ lives easier and more productive so they can build more effective businesses.”

What used to be very demanding and hard work has now been replaced with less effort and better efficiency. For example, if we talk about film making, we can all agree that it is a long process and implies a lot of work and effort. However, the artists don’t have to code gravity, lighting, or redo the camera every year now and then. 

In other words, it means that the creators won’t have to start from scratch nor worry about fitting everything within memory budgets. They can simply focus on how to shape and apply what is already there. This new tech cuts down on a lot of mindless busywork.



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