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Under Display Front Camera? What A Famous Company Is Planning

With technology evolving at staggering speeds, there’s no telling where it will lead us to next. The Galaxy Fold by Samsung is out, and it provided us a new view regarding smartphones and tablets. Its successor is intended to bring this view at an even higher level – by inserting a camera beneath the display.

As awkward as the idea may sound, this is what the guys from Samsung have in mind. Galaxy Fold 2 is arriving on first quarter of 2020; therefore, Samsung has plenty of time to work on the idea.

Feasible or not?

Of course, anybody could say that they will invent something better than the wheel or sliced bread. But the most key aspect is knowing how feasible the idea is.

Technically speaking, the new UDC (under display camera) technology in the front display could be implemented. But the company has to take into account the number of panels that could be manufactured, and the capacity is still limited.

Luckily, the notorious South Korean company has a policy where a lot of new ideas are getting tested.

Why UDC?

When the front camera is added beneath the front display screen, it should be able to focus more clearly on the object. Hole-In-Active-Area (HIAA) is the technology that Samsung plans to use for providing a better balance for the light needed. Extra light can spoil the photo taken and inadequate light exposure could lead to the image getting blurred out.

We have, therefore, another reason to wait eagerly for the Galaxy Fold 2. The first Galaxy Fold is an impressive gadget, although it has some severe critics. Despite its huge price, around $2000 for a piece, the device has some significant flaws. You have to treat it very gentle or else you may damage it – you’re not allowed to press too hard on the screen, no waterproof or dustproof, and you shouldn’t get the device close to any objects that can be affected by magnets.



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