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UC Browser Update Launched With Video Playing Optimization And Improvements

Many smartphone users rely on their devices to access the internet and perform a variety of tasks. To do so, users require an excellent browser app that can handle any task with ease and offer a rich selection of features without the need to pay for them. UC Browser was designed from the ground up to fulfill these goals and provide an excellent experience on your mobile device.

Unlike other browsers that are available for mobile devices, UC browser comes with a robust arsenal of entertainment features that make it a solid choice for any users. For example, it is quite easy to add a bit of extra spice to a conversation with the help of excellent status videos and stickers that are available for free, with new ones being added regularly.

The latest implementation of the in-house U4 engine comes with improvements focused on web navigation. Webpages load at a faster rate without using an excessive amount of data, file downloads are stable and secure, and the privacy of your user data is guaranteed thanks to robust security protocols.

UC Browser Update Brings Video Playing Optimizations and Other Improvements

A great boon is represented by the excellent picture-in-picture mode that offers the opportunity to watch your favorite videos while seamlessly accessing other webpages.

Users who prefer to download large files on their device will enjoy a download manager that comes with extra perks. If the connection is interrupted, the download process is suspended automatically and then resumed when a new connection is found. This will ensure that the data saved on your device is intact.

Thanks to custom compression protocols, UC Browser will allow users to enjoy the internet while conserving the amount of traffic that is used. With the help of the built-in ad-block feature, those annoying ads will remain invisible when you visit your favorite websites. The new UC Browser update comes with optimizations for the video playing feature.



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