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UC Browser Showed Fake Flipkart Ads – The Issue Was Fixed

Online buyers are again shocked with phishing sites. This one, we got a twitter post by a tech expert, whose name is Kartic Rakhra. He experienced the entire process, and he shared a lot of juicy details. This time, the popular UC Browser was affected by fake Flipkart ads.

He discovered the fraud when the attendant of the grandfather of Rakhra, who’s in his early 20s, came to him asking why he only had to choose Paytm to make a purchase from Flipkart.

This requirement of only using Paytm for purchase on Flipkart made Rakhra asking if people are actually duped. We all know that buyers from the Amazon or Flipkart platforms cannot make a payment directly from the Paytm wallet. While taking a look at the issue, he found that he was getting directed to a phishing app through an ad. The site was simply customized for the users.

About the fake Flipkart ads showed by UC Browser

It was basically a Flipkart, but with a fake yet so similar logo. They offered huge discounts, of more than 90% on so many popular brands. They wanted an advance through Paytm in exchange. These deals are enough to trick people who are not aware of cybercriminals.

Flipkart is aware of all of these online problems. They made a Brand Protection Council in order to monitor, report, and take legal action against all of the frauds and fraudulent activities. They will also take preventive measures through systems and customer education. It all happens through the UC browser.

After the incident, the UC browser confirmed that they took down the ads. The ads team stated that they “Launched an internal review of the advertising mechanism that led to this. User experience and benefit remain our top priority.”



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