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Trump administration set to lift ban from high ethanol blend gasoline

The farms states of the U.S. including Iowa are now welcoming the recent move initiated by Trump administration. As per official sources, year-long sale for gasoline that comes with higher ethanol portion is being considered for approval in the country. This news comes as great news for farm-based states of the U.S. that have been pushing the use of corn-based fuel.

Donald Trump, the U.S. president is soon expect to provide an official statement with regards to the removal of federal ban over the summer sales for high-ethanol blends when he shall be out for a trip on Tuesday to Iowa. This long-expected declaration comes as a reward for the Iowa based senator named Chuck Grassley. As a chairman for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley led a rather contentious yet successful fight in order to confirm the allocation of Brett Kavanaugh at Supreme Court. This veteran lawmaker from the Republican Party is one of the leading proponents at the senate for ethanol based fuel. He was the one to sharply criticize the rollback proposed by Trump administration for ethanol fuel earlier in 2018.

This was when Grassley threatened a call for resignation of Scott Pruitt, the chief at Environmental Protection Agency, if the latter refrained to work in favor of ethanol mandate. However, Pruitt stepped down later on amidst an array of investigations from ethical concerns. According a senior official at the administration, the EPA shall publish a new rule in the upcoming days that will allow the supply and use of high-ethanol blends to serve as a part of the package for the proposed changes considered for ethanol mandate.

Gasoline being used currently contains about 10 percent of ethanol. However, the new changes would allow the use of gasoline-ethanol blend up to 15 percent all year long. The EPA has currently banned the use of high-ethanol blend termed as E15 especially during the hot summer season. This step was initiated due to the concern that comes from the fact that the fumes contribute to creation of smog during high temperature season. However, the advocates of ethanol industry mention that this claim is actually unfounded.

This move of lifting the ban is also being opposed by the country’s oil industry stating that E15 tends to damage the fuel systems and car engines. Many car manufacturers also oppose the use of high-ethanol blends even though the EPA has actually approved the use of this blend for light-duty vehicles that were built since the year 2001.



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