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Torchlight 3 Is Now Available On PC via Steam

The action role-playing game Torchlight 3 is now available on the PC platform. Any interested player can acquire it for $30 on Steam. You can really see the difference from the Torchlight Frontiers version, and it is all for the better. 

Torchlight 3 was announced during a PC Gaming Show, and it reached the public today. 

In the beginning, only two acts of the game will be available. However, the content is quite full. The two acts include boss battles, over 100,000 pieces of loot, plus, randomly generated environments. It already sounds a lot to me, but developers won’t stop here. The content of the game will continue to increase in time. It all depends on the development of the game progress.

“Player feedback is incredibly important to us, and we look forward to working with the community as we continue to expand Torchlight 3 to make it the best Torchlight title yet,” said Torchlight co-founder and Echtra Games CEO Max Schaefer in the announcement.

Torchlight 3 highlights

The third season of the series includes single-player and cooperative options. But that’s not all. The game also includes a buildable and upgradeable fort, pets, and customizable characters with four classes. And let’s not forget about the powerful relics. 

The player will come across other people’s forts at some point in the game. And when they do, they can use the other people’s enchanting tables and recipes in a cheeky way. They can make things they haven’t unlocked yet. 

The game has four different classes with different abilities. They are called the Dusk Mage, Forged, Railmaster, and Sharpshooter. The Railmaster class can take punishment, which makes it more similar to a powerhouse. On the other hand, the Forged robot class can dish out explosive damage. The last two classes are quite similar. Sharpshooter and Dusk Mage are amazing when it comes to ranged and magical attacks. Plus, the pets can give you an edge in battle, so keep that in mind. 



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