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Top Times When Cell Was Actually a Nice Guy in Dragon Ball

At the moment of his introduction, Cell was the most powerful foe that the Z warriors ever had to confront. Just like in the classical Dragon Ball way, the evil android gathered a lot more power along his long road to diabolical plans, and he became close to invincible. He even entitled himself as the perfect fighting machine, but Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta proved him wrong the hard way.

Cell was created by Dr. Gero in the scientists’ attempt to bring an unstoppable fighting machine to the world. The formula of doing so was simple: Dr. Gero had been monitoring all the powerful fighters who have been roaming the Earth by using tiny drones. Therefore, Cell was possessing the abilities of warriors like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and even Frieza. The new biological killing machine had a great passion for evil, including absorbing others’ energy for using it for his own evil purposes. The monster even absorbed his fellow androids from another time dimension for gaining extra strength. But even for someone like Cell, having little sparks of kindness is possible:

Teaching Trunks that pumping up muscles reduces speed

Trunks came back from the future to warn Goku and the gang about the terrifying androids. But Vegeta’s son couldn’t just remain aside from the party and decided to go through intense training with his father to take Cell head-on.

Trunks fought the perfect form of Cell bravely, and the Saiyan had his moments when he shined against the evil android. But ultimately, Cell put Trunks to his knees, showing who’s boss. Trunks even acknowledged his defeat, although he wasn’t expecting it considering how much he’s been training and what huge power-up he had. But instead of killing him, Cell explained to the Saiyan why he lost the battle. By pumping up your muscles the way Trunks did, he can’t be as fast as he was before that. Cell surpassed him in strength and easily won, and the evil android kindly explained all that to Trunks.

Organizing a tournament

Cell had the chance to destroy the whole Earth as nobody could beat him at that moment. But instead, he announced the Cell Games. Made exactly in the World Martial Arts Tournament style, the Cell Games invited any brave soul to battle Cell. The android was eager to fight anyone who could possibly stand a chance against him, especially Goku. If nobody could defeat Cell, the next step was imminent: the destruction of the entire planet along with everyone living on it.

If we would take Frieza, for instance, he would never have done something like this. The former intergalactic tyrant is evil beyond belief and he would gladly kill his fiercest enemies during their sleep. But Cell proved that he wasn’t completely evil despite his numerous crimes, and he deserves a little respect for that.

Ignoring Mr. Satan… until one point

Although Mr. Satan won the World Martial Arts Tournament, he was close in strength to a normal human. He didn’t show signs of possessing any superpowers other than being annoying beyond belief. While he was uselessly agitating himself around Cell and trying to hurt him, the monster didn’t see the utility of fighting back. Cell wasn’t even offended by Mr. Satan’s harsh words, which proves an advanced level of wisdom.

But just like in our everyday lives, enough is enough. Cell ultimately hit Mr. Satan as you would do with an annoying and harmless bug that comes near you.

We’re sincerely hoping to see Cell again in Dragon Ball one day, although it would be close to impossible to revive him from the dead with the dragon balls since he doesn’t even have a soul. But if we look at what Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes are doing, we can say that anything seems possible. Frieza was revived several times in the main show, Broly came back for the 2018 movie, and former villains are popping into the Super Dragon Ball Heroes from nowhere.



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