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Top Things We Need to See in GTA 6 – How Will Fans Forget about GTA 5 Forever

GTA 5 is the best selling game of all time, and we shouldn’t be surprised about it. The developers invested a lot of time, effort and knowledge for it. As soon as you enter the game, you can convince yourself of it. In GTA 5 you can do pretty much anything a fan of open-world games could want: run from the police, kill the police, help the police, rob banks, kill or help the pedestrians, car racing, and many more.

GTA  6 has the most difficult mission in the history of the Grand Theft Auto series: to make the fans forget about its insanely popular predecessor. But to do that, it needs to do pretty much GTA 5 can, and brings some new decisive aspects. Let’s see what those aspects are in our honest opinion:

More enterable buildings

GTA 5 has a huge and diversified map, but with way too little buildings that you can enter. At this chapter, GTA San Andreas is way better, having much more enterable buildings, although it has a smaller map. GTA 6 needs to bring that aspect back, and improve it by adding interesting stuff in each enterable building. You wouldn’t like the feeling of searching for a whole house, mansion or block without finding anything. Some bonuses, power-ups, guns or many more could be added as rewards for the player exploring a whole building.

Less foul language

Yes, using dirty language is cool, rebellious and almost necessary in video games about crimes and bad guys. And let’s face it, a lot of us speak like that when mommy’s not around. But in GTA 5, things have gone way out of control. Foul language is almost everywhere, and this should get reduced in GTA 6. Let’s not forget that a lot of kids are playing GTA, after all.

If we take a look at previous GTA titles like GTA 4 or GTA Vice City, foul language is less prevalent than in GTA 5, and Rockstar needs to bring that aspect back for GTA 6.

Clone Trevor

Trevor from GTA 5 should be in the list of playable characters from GTA 6, or at least someone who acts like him. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z would be good as well, but without his super powers. Trevor is a psychopath, mass-murdering machine, and a very funny guy. Although no sane person encourages that type of behavior in real life, in a video game, characters like Trevor provide a lot of delight and fun.

New map

And when we say ‘new’, we mean it. We don’t want another remake of an old map like Rockstar has done for GTA 5 and GTA 4. The world surely doesn’t end with New York, Los Angeles and Miami, so there are plenty of real cities to choose from and trying to recreate in a game. And the world doesn’t end with cities from the States, either. Maybe GTA 6’s location should be Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid or London.

A playable female character

All protagonist characters from GTA were men, so we need a girl in the series as well. Besides, who doesn’t like to see a strong and independent woman capable of punishing the naughty boys? GTA 5 has the director mode, and within it you can select a girl as well for exploring the in-game environment. But it’s far from having the same level of emphasis as the protagonist characters like Michael, Trevor and Franklin have.

Going into space

Although this idea was explored only in mods, it could be a great addition for GTA 6. Equipping your character with a spacesuit and landing on the desolated Moon or Mars environment would be fun, especially if he’ll encounter some aliens there.

These are our top proposals for what we would like to see in the long-awaited GTA 6 game. The game is under the works, and we should see a release date revealed by the developers in the upcoming months.



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