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Top Reasons Why Vegeta Remains a Ruthless Character

Vegeta has been through some big changes along the Dragon Ball franchise. From the evil Saiyan who wanted to destroy the Earth and who actually killed his own henchman Nappa, Vegeta slowly became a loving husband and father. The Saiyan Prince would take down anyone who dares to do anything bad to Bulma, and even the God of Destruction Beerus learned that lesson the hard way.

But we believe that deep down, Vegeta remains a merciless character in both the anime and manga version of Dragon Ball Super. He still doesn’t ‘share Kakarot’s taste for forgiveness’, and it’s obvious why: Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans, and his pride is stronger than a Super Saiyan.

Unleashing all his power against Toppo

This behavior would have gotten Toppo killed, the new God of Destruction who was born during the Tournament Of Power itself. Vegeta unleashed his ultimate attack for eliminating Toppo, a technique that cost the Saiyan Prince his own life back in Dragon Ball Z when he fought Majin Buu. Vegeta turned his body into a kamikaze, and it was the winning ticket. Toppo got eliminated, but he could even die, which proves an enormous amount of lack of mercy from Vegeta. Toppo wasn’t even a bad guy, as he only fought for the survival of his own universe.

Being savage with Frieza

During Frieza’s second coming to Earth after he got revived with the dragon balls, it was rematch time for him and Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince had beaten up Frieza severely and putting him to his knees. Vegeta was even preparing to obliterate the intergalactic tyrant from existence, and it only took for great luck of Frieza so that the Prince could fail. Goku had to finish the job instead and kill Frieza, and Vegeta was extremely mad at his old rival for that. However, the fight was still one good sample of Vegeta’s overwhelming wrath once he unleashes it towards an opponent.

Frieza managed to return two times more in the Dragon Ball Super anime, but surprisingly enough, he contributed to the salvation of the entire Universe. Frieza fought alongside the Z warriors in the Tournament Of Power, and he even managed to work together with Goku for defeating the most powerful opponent: Jiren. There’s no telling what Frieza will do next in the manga version of Super, as Beerus fully revived him as a gift for the participation in the Tournament. But we can assume that the former intergalactic tyrant is up to no good. He’s easily the evilest villain in all of Dragon Ball, the kind of guy who would kill someone in his sleep, which means that it would be absurd to see Frieza actually becoming one of the good guys.

Beating the roses out of Goku Black



Vegeta had great pleasure in beating up Goku Black, especially for the fact that he looks just like the real Goku. The Saiyan Prince even had a savage line while he and Goku brought a jar to Goku Black and Zamasu, in order to be used for the Evil Containment Wave (aka Mafuba). Vegeta said that they brought a coffin along, but there was ultimately no need for it anymore. Vegeta taught Goku Black a lesson he won’t forget, beating up severely and wildly the counterfeit of the fighter he had always been calling ‘Kakarot’. In the end, Goku Black and Zamasu were destroyed by Zeno, but we still got another example of Vegeta being cold and ruthless and ‘uninhibited by foolish emotions’.

For those who still believe that Vegeta actually became a good guy, you’d better think again. Old habits never die, and it also applies to the Saiyan Prince.



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