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Top Reasons Why San Andreas is The Best GTA Game Ever Made

Even though GTA San Andreas was released way back in 2004, its hardcore fans would yell out of the top of their lungs anytime that this title is the best game of the legendary Grand Theft Auto Series. Before calling them ‘crazy’, we should remind ourselves of the massive amount of immersive gameplay that San Andreas offers.

Of course, tastes are relative, and you might say that you consider GTA 4 or GTA 5 better mainly because they have superior graphics. It’s your right to consider anything better, but we’re here to analyze GTA San Andreas from a more objective point of view. We don’t care too much about graphics, although they may play a crucial part for most gamers. Also, we’re not taking into account any of those countless mods that were made by the fans – we think that nothing beats the original. We strongly believe that GTA SA is a worthy candidate for the best Grand Theft Auto game ever made. Here’s why:

1. Many stuff to do even after finishing the storyline

After you complete the 100 mandatory missions for finishing the storyline, the game still offers you a lot to do. You can keep searching the whole map for collectibles, keep engaging in street races, try your luck at the casino for earning more money, and so on. Steal vehicles and sell them for money, rob houses at night, or just continue your character’s life in a normal way by getting a job as you hop into one of these vehicles: police, taxi, ambulance, tank, or fire truck. If you still cannot get rid of those illegal habits, make CJ drive a pimp car and eventually beat up those bad customers who don’t pay for sleeping with your girls. It’s all up to you how you choose to continue Carl Johnson’s life (aka CJ) after he finishes the storyline. You can also make him grab some friends and engage in gang wars anytime with those pesky Ballas. CJ can also do something similar while he’s taking his girlfriend out on a date, or other girlfriends depending on the city he’s in.

There’s arguably no other GTA title capable of offering so much exciting gameplay after the player finishes the storyline. That’s why GTA SA remains a fantastic open-world title.

2. Improving your character in all ways

You can improve the protagonist of the game, CJ, in all sorts of ways: from pumping up his muscles at the gym, improving his ability to handle each weapon, and even to boosting up his confidence and seductive skills with women. Stop training too much at the gym, eventually eat too much, and your character will become too fat to even be able to run. You can also improve CJ’s ability to drive, swim, or fly a plane.

3. Huge and diversified map

Last but not least, we have to talk about the map of San Andreas. The game features probably the most diversified map from the whole Grand Theft Auto series, and it’s second in size only after the one of GTA V. The map of San Andreas features 3 major cities, lots of countrysides, beaches, and tons of enterable buildings. You can instantly travel from one city to another by simply buying a plane ticket, or you can do it the hard way: by taking a plane or other vehicles.

The huge number of enterable buildings from GTA SA is contributing to the greatness of the game. If you’re done exploring the big places, don’t hesitate to hop into a van and rob some houses at night. A lot of them are enterable, and you can grab objects and put them in your van, like TV’s, microwave ovens, and many others. But be careful to act silent, or else you’ll wake up the owners of the house and the police will wait for you as you exit the house.

GTA San Andreas remains a fabulous game, and it has a solid fanbase even in 2020. Feel free to tell us what you like most about the legendary title!



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