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Top Reasons Why Goku is NOT a Bad Father at All

There is one huge misconception regarding the Dragon Ball universe that claims Goku has failed terribly as a father. This idea lies mostly in the fact that Gohan was first trained by Piccolo, who was once Goku’s sworn enemy. Goku has two sons: Gohan and Goten. We believe he paid his debts towards them, and we’ll gladly explain why. Goku may be dumb in some cases, but he’s always carrying, and actually a very good father.

Ok, you can never imagine Goku teaching Gohan how to do his homework or perform better at school, but he engaged his son in far more serious tasks. No disrespect for school activities, but we can all agree that saving the planet is more important.

4. Enjoying time spent with Gohan and Goten

Remember when Goku was bringing Gohan out for a walk along with Chi-Chi, when their son was just a baby? Remember when Goku first met Goten, his second son? Goku always showed love towards them.

3. Trained with his sons

Goku trained with Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber so they can both become powerful enough to confront Cell. Goku gave it all and pushed Gohan to his limits, making his son become a Super Saiyan for the first time. Later on, while Gohan was fighting Cell, the young Sayian discovered that he is stronger than his father and managed to defeat the terrifying villain.

Furthermore, Goku thought Goten and Trunks how to achieve the Super Sayian 3 transformation. It was a very useful lesson since the two kids later used both fusion and the new Super Saiyan form to fight Majin Buu.

2. Sacrificed himself for Gohan and the others… twice

Gohan was doing an excellent job fighting Cell, but the great villain had a little ace down his sleeve. Cell transformed his body into a huge bomb, and was seconds away before self-detonation and thus destroying the whole world along with him. Everybody would have been gone, including Gohan.

But there comes Goku, with perhaps the only remaining solution: teleporting Cell to another place far away so he can self-detonate there, instead. The plan worked, and Goku died for the sake of his loved ones, including his son Gohan. He did it without remorse and he congratulated his son for putting up a good fight

But let’s not forget the first time when Goku sacrifices himself for the whole world: when he fought Raditz alongside Piccolo. Raditz was Goku’s brother, an evil Saiyan eager to kill all life forms from Earth. Goku had to die for the first time in that battle while holding Raditz still for receiving a taste of Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon.

1. His speech to Gohan for defeating Cell

This is one of the most epic moments in all the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku was dead after Cell blew himself up, but the evil android came back for one final round against Gohan, and with the final purpose of destroying the planet afterwards. Gohan was severely injured, and ready to face his demise with no hope left. But then a voice from King Kai’s planet spoke to him…


Even though he was dead, Goku held a great and mature speech telepathically to his son, one that motivated Gohan to keep fighting with everything he had left. Here’s a part of the speech:

Release it, Gohan! Release everything! Remember all the pain he has caused…the people he has hurt…Now make that you power!!!

Gohan managed to destroy Cell once and for all after a long and great struggle. But the motivating speech of his father played a critical role in this achievement. Without Goku’s speech, the Earth along everybody living on it would have been gone.

Goku always behave like a great father, regardless of what some people are saying. He never neglected his sons, he just wasn’t around sometimes.




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