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Top iOS 13 Problems and Their Solutions

The latest generation of iPhones has been well-received by developers and reviewers alike. However, the same cannot be said about iOS 13, which is accompanied by a large number of bugs.

This problem tends to appear quite often in the case of software updates, and it is important to keep in mind that Apple has to optimize the update for a large number of devices, and issues that are present on one model may not surface in the case of others.

You may also face problems that are caused by other problems related to the device. Those who wish to fix their device will be happy to learn that there a great solution that can help them.

Fix your problems with dr. fone

One of the main that for people who wish to fix their device is the integrity of the data found on the device. By using dr. fone you can back up all the files which are on your device without, problem. Below you can find some of the other advantages of using this program.

Activation failure

This issue can surface after the update was installed on the device. A message will appear, informing users that the Boot loops that as a part of the iPhone Developer initiative.


Bootloops tend appear if the update was not installed correctly on the device. This issue will render the device unusable since users cannot perform any tasks.

iTunes issues

In some cases the new version of the OS is not compatible with iTunes, which means that users cannot transfer files to and from the device.

Poor signal reception

Any call initiate on the device will fail, and this is also available for received calls.

There are lots of other issues Boot loops can surface, but with dr. phone, everything can be fixed in just a few minutes.  You can download the software from the official website.



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