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Top Important Battles That Vegeta Won

Vegeta has been living in the shadow of Goku for too long, a position that certainly cannot satisfy the Saiyan Prince’s colossal ego. Although the Vegeta fans are upset that their favourite character cannot win against a major villain, the Prince of all Saiyans has won some crucial battles in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Vegeta also had enormous contributions into defeating major villains like Cell and Majin Buu, and the Saiyan deserves a lot of respect for that. Other fighters were the main culprits for defeating those monsters, but they couldn’t have done it without Vegeta’s help. But let’s not also forget about these battles:

Destroying Android 19 and saving Goku

Goku was dead meat at the hands of Android 19, as the diabolical robot was sucking the life and energy out of our hero. But Vegeta intervened in big style, knocking off Android 19 and obliterating him in the end with the Big Bang attack. Goku was doing well against the android until one point, however, but his heart virus kicked in and left the Saiyan powerless. Thanks to his old buddy Vegeta, Android 19 became history. During this battle, Vegeta has also shown to the other Z warriors for the first time that he had become a Super Saiyan.

Defeating Goku 

The second battle between Goku and Vegeta was perhaps even more spectacular and amazing than the first one. Vegeta was fueled by Babidi’s spell and his own huge desire of proving to the one he’s always been calling ‘Kakaot’ that he’s better. After a long clash between Super Saiyans, Vegeta knocked Goku off cold with a sucker-punch. Even winning with a sucker-punch, it was still a battle won by Vegeta against the character that he always wanted to surpass.

Hurting Frieza’s ego

Frieza came back to Earth for the second time in Dragon Ball Super after being revived from the dead by his soldiers. Once again, Frieza was stronger than ever and willing to kill Goku. But the Prince of all Saiyans took Frieza head-on and taught the former intergalactic tyrant some manners. Vegeta didn’t actually win in the end, but he took revenge on his former boss and greatly hurt his ego. In some way, this battle greatly resembles the first one between Goku and Frieza from Namek. Goku didn’t quite finish the job and even showed mercy to Frieza, but one of the major achievements of that clash was that Frieza’s pride had been demolished by a member of the race he hated the most: the Saiyans. Not to mention that during that battle, Goku achieved the very first Super Saiyan transformation for the first time.

Eliminating Toppo

During the Tournament of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime, Toppo became a god of destruction and pretty much nobody could pose a threat to him at that point. But Vegeta also pumped up his muscles and achieved an unprecedented transformation, which was also an advanced version of Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta tared Toppo apart and eliminated him from the tournament by using a kamikaze technique that he used against Majin Buu back in Dragon Ball Z. But as Vegeta was now light-years stronger than he was in Dragon Ball Z, he wasn’t affected at all by his own attack that killed him in the battle against Majin Buu.

Vegeta had some amazing contributions to the fight against evil in Dragon Ball, and it’s hard to believe that he won’t continue in the same rhythm when the Dragon Ball Super anime returns. But we have high hopes that Vegeta will become an even more important character.



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