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Top Best Shooter Video Games In 2019

The year 2019 saw the release of a large number of shooter titles. Some were new IPs, while others marked the celebrated return of established franchises. Below you can find the top best shooters of 2019 and a lovely honorable mention.

Top Best Shooter Video Games In 2019

A surprising mention: The Outer Worlds

Obsidian is best known for a selection of RPG titles, but many remember that they developed the seminal Fallout New Vegas, one of the most popular titles of the decade.

Outer World may sport a substantial RPG component, but it offers a delightful arsenal of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and energy weapons, which can be improved with mods. Special weapons pack hilarious effects and companions have combat moves that are outlandish but very efficient.

Third spot: Borderlands 3

The franchise that made looter shooters a thing returns with glory, gore, and a story spread across several planets. Characters pack superior talent trees, the ability to make many viable builds, and insane weapons.

It may not include the best story featured in a video game, but it remains a blast, especially if you can play it with friends and tackle challenges as a mighty team of Vault Hunters.

Second best: Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus drops the claustrophobic tunnels featured in previous titles and focuses on a semi-open world that delivers a robust experience and more gameplay opportunities.

Shooting feels great while crafting, and gear maintenance offers more spice for the adventure. The conclusion of an impressive story will bring tears in some eyes, making the title one of the best shooters of the year.

First and foremost: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shows that you can reboot an iconic title and add enough content to refresh a franchise that seemed to be quite tired.

An exhilarating campaign mode will provide a worthy challenge. The revamped multiplayer experience delivers the explosive moments that are known and loved along with new mechanics and the best weapon customization system present in a shooter that’s one of the best shooter video games in 2019.



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