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Top 7 Ways to Beat Ultra Instinct Goku that Dragon Ball FighterZ Could Consider

We’ve seen some impressive gameplay footage of Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ while he was absolutely dominating his opponents. Captain Ginyu, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Cooler, and Future Trunks were all under severe punishment from Goku while he was at his most powerful transformation ever. Ultra Instinct is a form that pushes Goku’s powers even beyond those of the gods themselves, and the biggest question now is if the legendary hero will have any competition in the game.

We’ve already seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime what Ultra Instinct Goku is capable of, and he’s outrageously strong. It’s exciting to see how the developers of the Dragon Ball FighterZ game will showcase the transformation in the game, when it arrives in the form of a DLC on May 22. As pretty much nobody could stand a chance against Ultra Instinct Goku, we figured out some ways to beat him that the game could consider:

7. The Mafuba Attack

Remember when Master Roshi used the Mafuba Attack against King Piccolo back in the old days of the first Dragon Ball series? Roshi was far weaker than his opponent, but the Mafuba Attack didn’t care about that huge difference in power. We’ve seen that confirmed again in Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament Of Power. The attack works by capturing the enemy in a wave and shrinking him enough so he can be put in a jar powerless and helpless. He can remain in the jar forever. We’re not sure it works on Ultra Instinct Goku, but chances of victory are great. If it does work, even Tien can defeat Goku this way.

6. Team up and fight

Several warriors teaming up and fighting UI Goku is not at all a ridiculous idea. For example, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Android 19 could join forces and keep Goku busy even in his Ultra Instinct form. Eventually, if Goku doesn’t win fast, he will burn out in only several minutes of using the ultimate transformation as he did in the fight against Jiren. This is the biggest and perhaps the only downside of the Ultra Instinct form: it loses all fuel extremely fast.

5. Take Jiren to do the job

It’s true that Jiren lost against Ultra Instinct Goku in the big tournament from the Super anime, but he pretty much could somewhat compete. Maybe in a second round, Jiren would win, especially if Goku burns out again. After all, Jiren is the only character until now that could offer UI Goku a challenge.

Besides the fight against Jiren, Goku also used his Ultra Instinct form in the anime against Kefla, the fusion between two female Super Saiyans: Kale and Caulifa. The two girls were outrageously strong, and after they fused they could even beat Super Saiyan Blue Goku. But while Goku was at Ultra Instinct, Kefla couldn’t land even a single blow on him.

4. Use a fusion

When Goku and Vegeta fused, the resulting fighter took both powers of the two Saiyans and even multiplied them several times. The fusion is even more powerful if the Potara Rings are used. But since Goku is the fighter we want to defeat, we have to find another fighter to take his place in the fusion. Let’s take Gohan, for example. When he was a kid, he was already stronger than his father, Goku. Gohan has tremendous potential, and he proved it once again in Dragon Ball Super. Therefore, he could fuse with Vegeta and together offer Ultra Instinct Goku the battle of his life.

Vegeta was also stronger than some of the gods at the end of Super, as he defeated Toppo in great style. The Prince of all Saiyans used a transformation far beyond the Super Saiyan Blue form, which is something that the Grand Priest himself said.

3. Ask the Eternal Dragon to do it

The Eternal Dragon can grant pretty much any wish once someone finds all of the seven Dragon Balls. The dragon brought back Goku from the dead twice in Dragon Ball Z, so why wouldn’t he be able to defeat the Saiyan? The Eternal Dragon doesn’t compete in shooting energy waves, doesn’t take sides, and doesn’t really care about the wish someone makes being good or bad. The dragon just obeys anyone who gathers the seven Dragon Balls.

2. Choose an angel or the Grand Priest

Whis is reportedly more powerful than Beerus, but we don’t know how much. The Grand Priest is stronger than all of the angels. Therefore, there’s a good chance that Whis or the Grand Priest (or both!) could beat Ultra Instinct Goku. Whis even trained Goku and Vegeta for achieving godly powers, so it’s obvious that he’s outrageously strong.

1. Hit him in the weak spot

Regardless of how strong Goku becomes, there’s always his weak spot exposed. And we’re not talking about his tail, as that was removed a long time ago. It’s about the weak spot of any man – under the belt. Placing a good kick directly into Ultra Instinct Goku’s balls could make him ultra damaged. And even Krillin can do it! Funny enough, no Dragon Ball fighter seems to think about that simple move. From the whole franchise, we’ve seen only Yamcha facing such a horrible fate, as he got hit in the balls by accident.

There you go, seven compelling ways to defeat Ultra Instinct Goku. The transformation may not be invincible after all, and we can’t wait to see it in action once again.




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