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Top 7 Smart Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel

In the past few years, the content market has seen a significant shift from written content to visual content. The viewers who first enjoyed reading quality content are now more into viewing it. According to a survey, the written content market has decreased by a huge margin. Many creators have now started using visual content platforms to publicize their content, product, and services. There are many reasons why we have experienced such a shift in content consumers. One of the main reasons supporting this is the visual essence of a product is better and stronger. This means that when you read something, you might remember it later or might not. But it is seen that once a person watches the entire video, he or she gets a better recall value of the product later on.

Many such theories support this, but whatever the reason may be, people have now started using YouTube as a medium of conversation between a seller and a buyer. If you are in the market selling some products or services, then you also need to have a YouTube presence to get better returns. For those who already have a YouTube account, here is how you can improve your video marketing skills and grow your channel over time. Here are 7 smart ways to help you reach more consumers in less time.

  • Intriguing titles are eye-catching

It is a fact that having an intriguing title is very important for you. Irrespective of your product line and how good your video is; if your title fails to attract people, you won’t get the desired results because people won’t click your videos in the first place. So if you wish to get more viewers, you must create titles that would act as a magnet. Now, what exactly can you do to make your titles intriguing?

Firstly, find the right keywords for your title. Doing so will inform Google Crawler about your video and the content you are presenting. It will also tell the viewers what they can expect in the video.

The second thing that you can do is to slash down the words. It might have been the trend in the written content to create long titles, but for your YouTube channel, you need to understand that the more crisp title you create, the better it is for your video.

Thirdly, it will always be your strength if you put some information in your title. It will inform the readers what all things are there in the video, which will be a lot of help for you.

  • Thumbnail is equally important

Yes, you heard that right. Having an intriguing title is important, but a thumbnail is equally important. You need to create a perfect thumbnail that resonates with your content in the best way possible. It should be recognizable and relevant with not your product line but the content in the video. If your thumbnail and video show things differently, then you might risk your channel. You need to bring people to your channel and hold them forever that will help you in the future. Getting loyal viewers, and to get their loyalty, you need to be truthful to them.

So to make a thumbnail keep a high-quality image that is not blurry, then you can include the video title or something related to your thumbnail, keep a consistent look, and yes, use emotions as much as possible.

  • Make short duration videos

Yes, many people think that longer videos will generate more traffic, but that’s not true because the shorter and crisper your content, the better it is. YouTube videos that are ideally under 6 minutes get more viewers as compared to the videos longer than 6 minutes. To grow your channel, create high-quality content that is informative and less than 6 minutes. Make it crisp, short, and entertaining. It will surely give your channel the boost and subscribers you wanted. You can also use free video editing software to make your videos even more engaging.

  • Channel branding

To grow your YouTube channel, you need to brand your channel. This can and should be done once you have filled all the needful information in your channel. Write the information, put your social media links, and edit all the boring stuff that takes away the charm from your channel. You channel banners and thumbnails to your strengths. Make watermarks on your videos. Create an engaging and connecting intro and outro of your videos and keep that consistent. If you think so, you can customize your thumbnail and create a good one.

  • Embed CTAs in your videos

One fact that remains the same in your video content is that the more CTAs you embed in your content the better it becomes. Call to Actions in your video will make it easy for the viewers to engage and create more engagement. Like putting a subscribe button or a like button in your videos that would easily give you likes and subscribers will be helpful. The easier it is for your viewer to engage the better it becomes for your channel. CTA’s also help in growing your channel to a huge extent.

  • Social media is your best help

Social media platforms have more engagements than any other platform. Once you connect all your social media platforms with your YouTube account, make sure to post the video links on your other handles as well. This is one way to increase your viewership and get more people on your channel.

  • Collaborate if possible

If you are a growing channel, make sure that you collaborate with other YouTubers frequently. It is okay to give a piece of something to others when you are in a hunt of getting something bigger. To collaborate with brands and bigger YouTubers because once you get featured in their content many viewers would recognize you from there. It is one of the best and full-proof methods of growing your YouTube channel.

Listed above are 7 bulletproof ways that will help you in creating buzzing content and a channel that grows like a forest fire. Make sure to stick to these points to increase the viewership and playing a wild card will always be your choice to make. But creating quality, interesting, and attention-grabbing content will always be your best bet.



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