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Top 5 Times When Krillin Was Tremendously Underestimated in The Dragon Ball Series

There’s no denying that there are compelling reasons for why Krillin is the subject for many mocking memes and slur online. Many Dragon Ball or non-Dragon Ball fans had been competing against each other online for coming up with the best jokes about how weak and goofy Krillin is. But even though the little bald fighter had his embarrassing moments, he still remains among the strongest Earthlings.

Krillin is most known for being the punching bag of Cell, Frieza, and others. But he has some very interesting attacks that have the potential to defeat enemies far stronger than him. And he had his moments in the Dragon Ball series when he truly shined. We’re glad to present to you his best moments.

5. Fighting Piccolo Jr.

If you remember back in the old days of the first Dragon Ball series, Piccolo was utmost evil and eager to kill Goku and take over the world. The Namekian had enough power to do it, which means that you clearly should stay as far away from him as you can. Before confronting Goku in the final of the World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo had to battle Krillin. Piccolo’s arrogance left him surprised by how well Krillin fought, even though the Earthling lost in the end. Krillin still managed to land Piccolo a few blows and counter his attacks, which is surprising when it comes to an enemy so powerful.

4. The Kamehameha beam struggle against Goku

Goku and Krillin fought in the first Dragon Ball series, but the gap between their powers got insanely high in Dragon Ball Z and even higher Dragon Ball Super. Goku must have been literally trillions of times stronger than his old friend, but that didn’t stop Krillin from challenging the mighty Sayian again in a fight. A lot of Dragon Ball fans got angry seeing Krillin being able to hold a Kamehameha beam struggle against Goku at Super Saiyan Blue level. Furthermore, Krillin even managed to push back Goku’s wave for a couple of seconds. Nobody expected this, but Krillin mysteriously improved tremendously somehow.

3. Defeating Gohan

Krillin managed to defeat Gohan in Dragon Ball Super in a little sparring match before the Tournament Of Power. Nobody would had given Krillin any chances against the son of Goku, who was comparable in strength with Super Sayian 3 at the end of Dragon Ball Z. Although Gohan let it low with his training and the stakes weren’t high for this fight, a Super Saiyan being beaten by an Earthling like Krillin, who is far weaker, is truly surprising. Not to mention that Gohan managed to destroy Cell only several years before, when Krillin couldn’t inflict any sort of damage against the terrifying monster.

Thumbs up for Krillin once more for this win and for his tremendous progress!

2. Destroying two Saibamen with one blow

Clearly one of Krillin’s glory moments was when he instantly obliterated two Saibamen brought to Earth by Vegeta and Nappa. These creatures may not look so tough, but they were about as strong as Raditz. However, that wasn’t too convincing for Krillin, as the Earthling fired a powerful wave on two of these gross beings, destroying them for good. He achieved it as a result of anger and sadistic wish for revenge, after his friend Yamcha was killed by one of the Saibamen.

1. Inventing the Destructo Disc

Krillin has the huge merit of inventing the destructo disc, one of the most deadly attacks from all of Dragon Ball. It behaves like a very sharp razor blade of energy, as it’s capable of slicing pretty much anything that gets into its way. Furthermore, the destructo disc doesn’t actually care how strong the opponent is. Krillin managed to cut off Frieza’s and Vegeta’s tails by using it, and he probably would have killed Nappa if the evil Sayian didn’t dodge the disc in the last moment. Other fighters copied this devastating attack from Krillin, and Frieza had his own version of a razor blade energy disc. But the mighty intergalactic tyrant did a very good thing with it, after all: he accidentally defeated himself while fighting Goku.

These are our top picks, and we believe that Krillin is clearly capable of defending the Earth on his own in a lot of situations.

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