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Top 5 Battles that Goku Lost in The Dragon Ball Franchise

Despite a widespread bias about Dragon Ball that Goku always wins, the mighty Saiyan actually lost plenty of battles. He even had life-threatening moments when his good old rival Vegeta stepped in and saved him. However, Goku didn’t hesitate to return the favor.

Goku remains one of Dragon Ball’s main characters, as he saved the Earth plenty of times. He’s arguably the strongest character, also. But even so, nobody’s perfect in Dragon Ball, and reminding of some of the most important battles lost by Goku is exciting:

The battle with Majin Vegeta

Although Vegeta became one of the good guys, he was caught under Babidi’s spell, which was urging the Saiyan Prince to do evil stuff. Even so, Vegeta resisted the orders, and he has used the awakening of evil from his heart to battle his long rival Goku. After a tremendous clash of Super Saiyan powers, Goku lost to Vegeta due to a suckerpunch. Some people say this battle shouldn’t count as a loss for Goku, but still, the beloved Saiyan made the mistake of letting his guard down during a fight.

First round against Jiren

Jiren was arguably the strongest fighter Goku & co. ever had to face, but he wasn’t actually a villain. Goku met this guy during the Tournament Of Power from Dragon Ball Super. Jiren seemed unbeatable, as not even the Spirit Bomb nor the Super Saiyan Blue doubled by Kaioken couldn’t do any harm to him. Jiren mopped the floor with Goku during their first battle, but the Saiyan hero proved later on that he could do a lot better. However, it was still one pretty important fight lost by Goku, as the safety of the entire Universe was at stake.

Getting beaten by King Piccolo

King Piccolo was the first Dragon Ball villain that posed a threat to the whole mankind. Goku was no match for King Piccolo during their first match, and not even the Kamehameha wave couldn’t be useful. Goku managed to kill the demon in the end, but their first battle was a disaster for our hero.

The rematch with Frieza

Frieza was revived with the dragon balls by his soldiers, and he came to Earth with the single purpose of taking revenge against the first Super Saiyan he met. Goku taught him some manners on Namek the hard way in Dragon Ball Z, hurting both his body and his pride as an evil intergalactic tyrant. During the rematch, Goku was superior once again, but it took for one little evil scheme from Frieza to put the Saiyan to his knees. One of Frieza’s soldiers stabbed Goku with a laser gun, and Frieza could kill him with just a little effort if he wanted. Vegeta saved Goku again, but it was still a fight lost by our hero. However, Goku had the final shot and killed Frieza in the end, but with great help from others.

Quitting against Cell

We’re voting for this one as the biggest defeat Goku ever had to face. The world’s strongest hero deliberately chose to quit during the fight with Cell and admitting that he can’t defeat the monster, leaving everyone speechless. Goku let his son Gohan fight Cell instead, and it was a winning move but still an extremely risky one. Goku’s decision lately led to his own demise, as he was forced to teleport Cell elsewhere and sacrifice himself for the Earth. Cell transformed his own body into a bomb after seeing that he can’t beat Gohan, but Goku managed to take the only wise decision possible during a very short time. If Goku never quit against Cell in the first place, the Saiyan might have had a chance of winning.

We’re very eager to know about your own favorite Goku moments when the Saiyan was beaten.



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