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This Issue From iOS 13 Affects Millions Of iPhone Users

iOS 13 doesn’t seem to be a reliable operating system since it needs enough bug fixes. Users are complaining about several significant issues, but Apple seems to ignore, or it simply doesn’t care.

The “Hey Siri” bug

This is currently one of the most significant bugs users of iPhones have to deal with. Trying to make a phone call via “Hey Siri” activates the speakerphone even if you have connected headphones. This could become very dangerous as a user complains on Apple’s Communities Forum:

“I mainly use hey Siri in my car and it plays over my stereo Bluetooth for safety. Now [a call] goes to a speaker and I have to mess with it while driving which is VERY dangerous.”

Even more users complained about the same issue:

“This ***** because I use it daily for my car’s Bluetooth. I had a kidney transplant and Drs and nurses call me every day.”

“Same issue. In addition, when I have my wired Apple headphones in and use Siri to make a call, the iPhone makes the call using the speaker. The bug is that I cannot simply tap the speaker button to move the call to my headphones. It does not work. The iPhone will not allow me to move the call to my headset. I have to physically disconnect my headset and then take the call off a speaker and then plug my headset back in. Not a safe maneuver while driving.”

There is a solution

Although it doesn’t work for all phones, you may consider going to Accessibility > Touch > Call Audio Routing > Bluetooth Headset.

Of course, another solution and probably the best one is to avoid upgrading to iOS 13.

Even gaming has been affected by iOS 13. Another bug made gamers to not be able to play battle royale shooters PUBG Mobile and Fortnite for several days.

Therefore, don’t rush into updating your operating system to iOS 13. Wait a while to see how Apple will handle the situation.



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