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This Is the WhatsApp Feature That Drains Your Battery

Users of WhatsApp encountered a big issue since the app released its fingerprint lock feature. This feature was welcomed by all those users who were concerned about their privacy, but the problem is that is draining the battery.

The companies that are most affected by this feature and the battery drain problem are Samsung and OnePlus. Most of the OnePlus smartphones encountered this problem. Users stated they lost 33% to 40% of a full charge.

According to some sources, OnePlus phones with Android 10 and 9 have this issue. Xiaomi and Google Pixel also encountered the battery life suddenly being way too low after the update. The flagship devices from Samsung, such as Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10 series, also have this problem after the update of the WhatsApp app.

How can I solve this problem?

Experts stated that the version 2.19.308 of WhatsApp seems to be the problem here. Users that have to deal with this problem have a way to sort things out: uninstall the app and then re-install it. This might help.

Those who still encounter this problem after the re-install should try to use the beta version until the company released a patch. Or you can enable the battery saver, which will restrict all the WhatsApp notifications to appear, but it will improve your battery life.

WhatsApp has also enabled the dark theme in the beta version of the Android app. It’s quite similar to the night blue colors of the dark theme that’s available from the  WhatsApp 2.19.327 version. But the idea of a dark theme being added to the app is not officially made public yet – we are not sure if it’s even in works.



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