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There’s a bug which is stopping some iPhone XS and XS Max phones from getting charged

Some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners have reported to have trouble charging their devices.

Owners of these devices are complaining across the web that the latest Apple iPhones are not charging properly when plugged in. MacRumors had pointed this out on Saturday. It seems that the problem occurs when users plug in their phones while it is in sleep mode and the screens are off.

Popular YouTuber Unbox Therapy was told about this problem and he did a test where he plugged in a bunch of iPhone XS and XS Max devices to check whether they charge while asleep. He found that several XS and XS Max phones did not even start charging until after he woke up the phone. Not just this, one iPhone XS Max was stuck in sleep mode while plugged in and he had to unplug it to take it out of its frozen state.

Unbox Therapy also tested all of the devices using a regular wall charger. He noted in the starting of the video that he did not had a problem with a wireless charging block.

It is believed that the issue may stem from a security feature which was introduced before iOS 12 came out which prevented iPhones from connecting to devices like laptops if they have not been unlocked recently. This way a phone can not be compromised as easily.

The problem should not occur when plugging a phone into a wall charger.

Apple, however did not immediately respond to a request for comment or a question on whether a fix will be coming very soon. If this is a software issue, it can be fixed with an update.

Till that time, for the people who are experiencing this issue, make sure that your iPhone XS or XS Max is not in sleep mode when you plug it in or else it may not be getting charged.



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