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The Voice Actor of Franklin from GTA 5 Explains Why Rockstar is Taking So Long To Release GTA 6

This could easily be considered the worst period for Grand Theft Auto fans, as they’re forced to wait longer than ever for a sequel of the legendary series. It’s been seven years since the arrival of GTA 5, and the internet is loaded with rumors and speculations about GTA 6.

Unfortunately, many of the info is false, as it’s very tempting for websites to make clickbaits on the subject of GTA 6. The fans are wondering why Rockstar is taking so long to release the next major Grand Theft Auto installment, or at least for the company to say something for God’s sake!

Shawn Fonteno (aka Franklin) speaks out

Who could know better than the voice actor for one of the protagonist characters from the previous GTA title? Shawn Fonteno recently shed some light on the mystery by saying:

“Don’t knock Rockstar down man. Don’t be on ‘em,” Shawn said on an Instagram live stream.

“Talking about ‘Y’all milking GTA 5’ and ‘when is six gonna come out?’ Y’all gotta understand, it’s a process to put these games out man.”

Franklin’ continues by saying:

“They just can’t throw anything out. Y’all wouldn’t accept it if they threw GTA 6 out right now and it just had bulls**t on there,”

“Then, y’all wouldn’t support Rockstar and the GTA brand.”

Here’s the full video:

We have a first confirmed character of GTA 6 – The one called ‘The Mexican’. Rockstar insiders reported that GTA 6 is somewhere between early in development and 70% completed. According to the most rumors, the location of GTA 6 will mark a return to Vice City, which is a great idea considering the insane success that GTA Vice City had, the game released way back in 2002.

GTA 6 will arrive sooner or later, and let’s just hope that we’ll see much more enterable buildings in the game. The developers could draw some inspiration from the good old GTA San Andreas.



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