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The Three Best Indie PS5 Games

Gamers, it is time to prepare yourselves for new PS5 games that will be released soon, according to Tech Radar. These new games will be released on PS5, but they first need official confirmation from Sony. It is part of the Indie Initiative program, which is trying to support the indie genre and bring excitement and initiative to players.

Shuhei Yoshida, the head of PlayStation, has recently stated in a PlayStation blog that the aforementioned indie titles will not just be launched on PS5, but also on PS Now monthly, starting with Hello Neighbor.

Yoshida has said that he is pleased to announce this new initiative. Now that there are PlayStation Indies, the team hopes to bring the spotlight onto the best indie games out there, from the ones that get published on PlayStation, and turn the attention to the entire indie gaming community, from a holistic point of view. Their goal is to make PlayStation the best place to find, play and develop the best indie games.

PlayStation’s move is similar to a similar initiative taken by the team while the PS4 was being launched. The idea behind the initiative is to provide players a breath of fresh after playing mainstream games. Below is a list of a few of these games:


Emeric Thoa, the creative director of the game, said that it will feel like a gentle breeze. It is meant to promote relaxed gameplays and the simplicity of the story, instead of fast-paced action, without being boring.


Recompile really strikes a chord during the coronavirus pandemic. It is a new game for PlayStation that enables you to play as a sentient virus. It is set in The Mainframe, an alter-virtual-world, and it encourages players to make difficult choices.

Worms Rumble

For fans of the classic Worms, Worms Rumble is something to look forward to. It is going to be an action-packed revival of the game.



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