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The Super Mario Game That’s Worth Over $100,000

We can all agree that Super Mario is such an iconic title in gaming, as the huge number of related games speak for themselves: over 200 pieces for various consoles. The glorious history began more than three decades ago. In 1985, the first Super Mario game was released for the Family Computer (aka Famicom) console, and several months later for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

But the legendary Super Mario brand saw many other iterations in different forms for other platforms. While it would be a bit inappropriate to create a Mario game that requires a powerful GPU and astronomical amounts of storage, the old classic way remains the basic formula. Thus, other Mario titles emerged in the recent past, and they had some significant success: Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Run, and more.


Copy of the 1985 Super Mario sold for $114,000

Most kids nowadays would laugh at the 1985 Super Mario title because gaming for them is at a whole different level, but some people would pay a fortune for an old title like that. It happened recently, as a mint copy of a Super Mario US version from 1985 just sold for $114,000 via Heritage Auctions.

The game collector and journalist Chris Kohler offers us more details about the sale:

The purchase seems to be a great deal if you’re a huge Super Mario fan and if you afford to pay so much money. Furthermore, the item is sealed in its original packaging, and it’s in almost perfect condition.

We have to admit that many of us grew up with the classical Super Mario for NES or Famicom, and therefore the game has a priceless value in our hearts. Not to mention that many game developers gathered huge inspiration from that first Super Mario as they brought up their own titles. A little guy who’s jumping over pits, collecting bonuses and defeating enemies by simply landing on them is such a widespread scenario in old games.




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