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The Sims 4 To Get A University Life – Themed Expansion

It appears that a Sims 4 University Life expansion pack might be revealed soon. The Maxis series just launched the bewitching Realm of Magic game pack for The Sims 4, which gave players the possibility to travel via a magic portal to a spellbinding realm and enhance their Sims with powers and spells. Now, it seems that players of the virtual life simulation game will receive more content in the following months.

The first time a college-inspired concept appeared in The Sims was when the 2005 series with The Sims 2 University appeared. The first additional content pack that came with The Sims 2 University allowed players to send young adult Sims to a school that resembled a town and included classes, dorms, and even private homes.

Moreover, the purchasable expansion pack that came in The Sims 3 provided players with the ability to choose their Sims’ majors, such as Drama, Mathematics and so on, which would then influence the kind of jobs they get.

The rumor appeared as the rapper Beau Young Prince mentioned that a University Life-themed expansion pack would be incorporated into The Sims 4. This is not the first time a University expansion pack has been suggested to appear for The Sims 4. One of the times the rumor surfaced was when the fan site SimsCommunity noticed the social media profiles of a new Sims 4 cover art characters that detailed a specific Sim as a top athlete at university. Another rumor was unearthed when the profile of a Sim which described the photography profession, which was only added in the game with the recent Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack update.

Even though it may seem like there is a lot of content that keeps appearing, it can be quite difficult, which are the most impressing Sims 4 expansion packs. All the previous entries in the University series have been extremely well-received by players and got high reviews from critics.



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