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The Sims 4: Tips and Tricks

As a life simulation video game, The Sims 4 promises a lot, and still, there are tricks that can help you make your way through different challenges successfully. The Sims 5 is under development, but until its release, we can enjoy the great world of the 4th installment of the series since it has many to offer.

Take advantage of a good mood

The ideal time for successful gameplay is when your sim is in a great mood. You can use this to gain extra skill points or raise confidence levels, and you’ll also be able to perform well in other game areas. It’s the same as real life: a good mood brings good outcomes.

Change aspirations

Some people say that The Sims 4 is fully customizable. And they might be right! The gamer is allowed to change a sim’s aspirations at will in order to explore something new with a different attitude. Therefore, it doesn’t matter much how you customized your character initially, because you can change it later. How cool can that be?

Moods affect cooking

Be careful with your mood, or else you might not get a pleasant and satisfying meal. Be playful and you can expect to deal with those meals in the same manner. Again, it’s just like everyday life!

Hang on to friendships

Social activities can get your sim out of depression since he can be unsatisfied with all the activities from home. We humans are very social creatures, therefore this aspect is presented in The Sims 4 very efficiently.

Get your music in the game

Are you one of those players who like their games to be singing to them their favorite songs? Probably every gamer has done this once in a while with GTA V or the good old San Andreas. Now you can do it in The Sims 4 as well.

You’ll need a radio in order to play any music at all. Once you achieved it, just edit the “The Sims 4\Custom Music” folder and drop there your own MP3 files. Feel free to land there any kind of music you want, from symphonic to death metal.



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