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The Sims 4 Developers Hint To “Major Surprises” Soon In 2020

Last year was, without doubt, one of the most significant years for The Sims 4. It was all about those changes, upgrades, and extra stuff that was introduced in the game. During 2019, we witnessed some significant arrivals, such as expansion packs, the Island Living, and the Discover University. Such upgrades gathered great feedback from players and critics, too!

The game had also received some brand new features, from styles to themes. We’ve got a Pride Themed update, Middle Eastern clothes and architecture, a Baby Yoda, and some customizable stairs.

Recently, the developers even allow players to choose what the next upgrade should be. The did that in the community voting area that ran initially in November, and currently is active again. With all those things, The Sims 4 has had a fantastic year, one that brought many upgrades and changes for good. And now, as we got another look at what we will see soon in the game.

What Will 2020 Bring for The Sims 4?

Back in December, developers Michael Duke and Dave Miotke hinted what we should expect for The Sims 4 in 2020. Also, Miotke and Duke didn’t unveil any technical information when it was about the 2020 updates. They only stated that some of the packs for 2020 would be “unexpected” and exciting. If anything, the players have since been left in awe by the developers’ remarks.

In the Maxis Monthly stream, Miotke had detailed that 2020 would be a major hit for The Sims 4. He also stated that the team has prepared some surprises for players and that 2020 will bring a lot of fun.

Moreover, Duke said that the team is finally at a status where he’s not ensured that players can guess the upcoming series of packs anymore. But we can be sure about one thing. An Arts & Crafts Stuff Pack has many chances to be brought very soon!



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