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The Return of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ is Coming, and Here’s What We Can Expect From It

Being the continuation of the legendary Dragon Ball Z anime, Dragon Ball Super has been received with tremendous expectations and excitement by the fans. Plenty of fans had been disappointed by Dragon Ball GT, and therefore Super was expected to wash off the embarrassment. If we take a look at the IMDb page of Dragon Ball Super, we can see that the show has a huge rating: 8.4. This means it surpasses titles like ‘The Patriot’ with Mel Gibson, or ‘Armageddon’ with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. For an animated TV series, that is pretty impressive.

But does this really mean that Dragon Ball Super is at least as good as the prequel Dragon Ball Z? The Z has 8.7 ratings on IMDb, which suggests that the fans must be almost equally satisfied with the two animes. The Dragon Ball Super show aired on Fuji TV from July 5, 2015 to March 25, 2018. It had 131 episodes, but a new season is expected to arrive on the screens.

When is ‘Dragon Ball Super’ coming back?

Long story short: we don’t have a precise date. But the good news is that the show will return soon. We know this because the narrator himself said at the end of the 131st episode that the story will continue.

Furthermore, there had been plenty of reliable sources online claiming that the show was returning in July 2019. It didn’t happen, and the next prediction is for Spring 2020.

The manga is continuing by unfolding new chapter and villain

One huge hint that Dragon Ball Super is returning soon on TV is that the manga continues the story after Tournament Of Power and after the 2018 movie with Broly. The manga brings a new villain to the Dragon Ball world, the one named Moro. He has a devilish appearance and looks more like a fighter than plenty of Dragon Ball Super characters (let’s not forget the goofy looking guys such as Cabba, Botamo, Dyspo or Magetta). Moro indeed looks like he means business:

Besides, what can possibly look more evil than a devilish-looking character? We already know that in the manga, this Moro guy gave Goku and Vegeta a very tough fight.

Frieza plans something horrifying evil

The 131st episode of Dragon Ball Super left plenty of possible scenarios that ca be unfolding in the future. Frieza has been revived by Beerus as a gift for fighting alongside the good guys for the future of the Universe in the Tournament Of Power. Even more, Frieza fought alongside Goku, and they managed to eliminate Jiren together, probably the most powerful opponent Goku ever had. Therefore, Frieza’s role in the continuation of Dragon Ball Super will be the first thing to look after.

You shouldn’t consider even for a second the idea that Frieza became a good guy after saving the Universe from getting erased in the Tournament Of Power. He just made a deal with Goku when our beloved hero visited him in Hell. Goku needed a powerful warrior like Frieza in his team for the tournament, and so he promised the mighty galactic tyrant that he will revive him with the Dragon Balls if he joins the team and fights for the good cause. Frieza accepted, and the Baba Fortuneteller brought him back from Hell for one day so he can participate in the Tournament Of Power.

Besides, Frieza already had an evil and great contribution in unleashing Broly’s devastating power in the 2018 movie called ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’. Frieza killed the father of Broly with no hesitation simply to make the Sayian a lot more dangerous and angry towards Goku and Vegeta.

So there’s no way that Frieza has made the change from a bad character to a good one like Vegeta, Piccolo, or the fat Majin Buu did before. Therefore, you can expect Frieza to be up to no good in the continuation of the Super anime and seek his revenge on Goku, the character he hates the most. Besides, why else would you revive a character so purely evil like Frieza at the end of a season, other than preparing something big for him?

Gohan’s good shape must continue

Until the Tournament Of Power, Gohan was barely highlighted in Dragon Ball Super. He didn’t maintain his training pace from Dragon Ball Z, and chose to stick to studies instead. This was annoying a lot of fans since the son of Goku deserved at least some of the tremendous respect he received in Dragon Ball Z (perhaps even more than Goku received). Meanwhile, Gohan regained his fighting spirit after some training with Piccolo and put up some great fights in the Tournament Of Power, eliminating some interesting opponents:  Dyspo, a Namekian from another Universe, and others.

Certainly, no Dragon Ball fan wants to see a character of Gohan’s past to return to study rather than keeping it up with the training. With the son of Goku being so active during the latest saga of Dragon Ball Super, it’s absolutely necessary that he shall continue in the same rhythm.

These are some of the most important aspects to look for when Dragon Ball Super returns. You can just already feel the huge excitement flowing in the air.



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