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The Release of iPhone 12 will Face More Delays than Expected

Apple proved the world last year that it can bring a powerful phone that cannot be easily broken as most smartphones. Thus, it was obliterated a widespread prejudice that no matter how great specs a smartphone may have, it will always be extremely vulnerable if you drop it on the floor by accident.

However, Apple wants to raise the stakes even higher and bring another flagship to the market. Also, it will be the successor to iPhone 11, and you already guessed its name: iPhone 12. But will this second smartphone get released in September, as how Apple normally does with its annual flagships?

More delays coming, and not because of the reason you’re thinking about

Apple’s businesses seem to not be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as the Cupertino-based corporation recently released iPhone SE (2020). But iPhone 12 will experience delays for its release, and not necessarily because of the spread of the pandemic, according to the famous analyst Ming-chi Kuo. The guy revealed some more plausible reasons for the delay.

Firstly, Apple has started allowing employees to work from home after changing its policies. The company also started to appoint tasks related to the qualification process for the iPhone 12 phones to possibly local employees. Those employees might be in China, a country that will set back the engineering verification testing by a month.

Another key factor is related to the antenna that the upcoming iPhone 12 will be equipped with. Apple has to make some changes to that component, more precisely to the 5G mmWave support. The process of implementing the changes will also delay the launch of the 5G-capable iPhones. And yes, all three upcoming models of the iPhone 12 will be equipped with 5G.

As we don’t know how much the release of the iPhone 12 will be postponed, it should only be for several months for the worst-case scenario.



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