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The Price for Google’s Pixel 5 Smartphone just Leaked and it Defies Expectations

The Pixel 4 smartphone launched by Google last year in October didn’t quite have the expected success. The battery life was too low, the display was too small, its updates are not arriving on time, and so on. For a flagship, these are some big mistakes, and a lot of people are hoping that Google learned something from them.

Therefore, Pixel 5 is on its way, and the expectations regarding the upcoming smartphone are way off the charts. Google is expected to release Pixel 5 until the end of the current year, and hopefully, the plans of the company won’t be ruined by the ongoing pandemic.

Only $699?

One recent speculation is that the Pixel 5 phone will cost only $699, a price significantly lower than the one of the predecessor Pixel 4 that was worth $100 more at its release last year in October. This was concluded after a Reddit user posted a screenshot of a phone price survey that Google was apparently circulating around.

The survey mentions two Pixel releases. One of them is labeled as a “Google Pixel Phone”, and it’s listed at $349. A second model is a “Premium Google Pixel Phone” that’s described as “best in class camera, wireless charging and water resistance”. This second model is listed at $699, and the most plausible interpretation is that the phone is none other than the upcoming Pixel 5 flagship.

While we don’t know almost anything about the specs of Google Pixel 5, we might as well take a look at those from its predecessor, Pixel 4. Therefore, we can expect Pixel 5 not to have lower specs than 6 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 855 processor, the tenth version of Android, video recording in 4K, a dual-camera mounted on the rear and capable of 16 MP, a single camera on the front of 8 MP, and most of all: it’s mandatory that Pixel 5 won’t be packing a battery weaker than the 2800 mAh Li-Po with 18W for the fast charging.

However, only time will decide for sure how Pixel 5 will be, and patience could be the biggest virtue of all.

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