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The Most Installed Free Android App has been created by Microsoft

It’s not anything new that Microsoft collaborates pretty well with Android. Recently an official from Microsoft even said that Google’s Android is the best operating system for mobile devices. After all, both companies, Microsoft and Google, are from the same country.

For instance, the windowscentral.com site has recently reported that Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and OneDrive have reached around one billion downloads each on Android.

“Your Phone Companion” leads the way

Your Phone Companion is another mobile app created by Microsoft, and its task is to allow the user to access a number of convenient features after he connects his Android device to Windows 10. Vishnu Nath said in a post on Twitter that the app was the most installed free app on Android recently, beating even colossal other apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The news sure is staggering considering the fact that Your Phone Companion has been launched recently on Google Play Store. Too bad we don’t know yet the exact number of users that installed the new app.

What can it do

It was created to allow your phone a much more efficient and friendly collaboration with your PC. Perhaps we are all familiar with those moments when connecting the phone to the PC is giving us tons of errors and headaches. “Your Phone Companion” promises to solve all that by offering the following features, according to Google Play:

  • Receive and manage your Android phone’s notifications on your PC
  • Read and reply to your text messages from your PC
  • Photos taken on your phone are instantly available on your PC
  • Find phone and PC apps that help you seamlessly work across devices
  • Discover apps by Microsoft in categories such as Productivity, Education, News and more

The app requires Android 7.0 on your phone to be able to run, or a newer version.

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