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The Latest Update for GTA 5 Brings Another New Outstanding Vehicle

Even if it’s 2020, GTA V remains insanely popular and it still receives new exciting content for the gamers to enjoy. Rockstar’s title is officially the best selling game of the 2010-2019 decade, even though it was released almost seven years ago. Therefore, instead of supporting the annoying wait for GTA 6, you might just play the fifth installment of the series since it’s loaded with fun.

The latest update for GTA 5 is dubbed 1.49 and it comes for the online environment, which has its advantages comparing to the story mode. Thus, the update brings the Nagasaki Outlaw vehicle to the game.

Small, but efficient

The new update doesn’t do much to the game, but fans are still happy about it. The Nagasaki Outlaw is a beautiful off-road car harbored by a steel cage, and you can find it at Southern San Adreas Super Autos. It’s ideal for roaming throughout harsh terrain, and you can see it below in all its glory:

To enjoy the new update, you need a valid copy of GTA 5 in order to access the online features. And, of course, you have to own at least one of the following platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The update is there waiting for you once you go for GTA Online. Well, it’s waiting in the sense that you can look at it, because you need something more to get your hands on the vehicle…

It costs GTA$1,268,000

A powerful car requires some powerful income, of course, so make sure you get all the way to $1,268,000 GTA money if you want to drive this beauty. The online mode is loaded with opportunities to make money, so you just have to take your time and explore them.

The Nagasaki Outlaw is part of the Diamond Casino Heist update for GTA 5. It joins the other new vehicles such as Rune Zhaba, Bugstars Burrito, Dewbauchee JB 700W, and Vapid Retinue Mk 2. Do you have what it takes to ride them?



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