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Cursed Season 2: Release Date and More

If you are a sci-fi action movie fan, you should watch Cursed. The series is currently available on Netflix. However, there is only one season out at the moment. Therefore, the question is, when is season 2 coming out? Fans are wondering when they can enjoy watching the Cursed Season 2. Why does it seem like Netflix won’t renew the show? Read below to find out more info regarding the series. 

One sure thing about the famous service media provider is its inclusivity. Netflix is airing all sorts of genres on its platform. Therefore, season 2 is more than likely to come out. The series is based on a novel with the same name. The novel is the creation of Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s partnership. 

Another reason why Netflix will release a second season of the Cursed is that the first season had a huge success. However, let’s find out the real deal with the show.

Cursed Season 2 Release Details

According to Elle, there is still much of the story to show. Therefore, we assume there will be a second season. Also, judging by Devon’s words, out suspicion gets more confirmed. Terrell played Arthur in the Netflix series, and he said his role has much more to show. If all those hints are not enough, I don’t know what it is. Plus, there are rumors about a second part of the novel coming out. Therefore, the series is here to stay. 

Cursed Season 2 Release Date

Why does it seem like season 2 won’t come out? The answer is the current pandemic situation around the world. The production of the second season is delayed due to coronavirus. Therefore, Netflix did not make any comments regarding the renewal of the show. We assume if the current situation improves, we will get the second season in 2021. However, if it gets worse, we might be looking for a 2022 release. 



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