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The Last of Us II Could Come to PC According to New Job Listing

The interesting and exciting news comes from the Naughty Dog for the Last of Us II. The company posted a new job for a developer with a PC programming background for their team. The team is working at The Last of Us II for PlayStation 4, and their requirement is for a graphics programmer to join them. This sounds good because if they need a PC developer, this is leading us to think that the game could come to PC users as well.

The job requirement is saying that the Naughty Dog is hiring a graphic programmer for developing and implementing rendering techniques for the Last of Us II, both new and existing ones. So far, having good chances to be selected in the Naughty Dog team is to have programming experience for console or PC, to understand the GPU architectures they have, and some experience with APIs.

The Last of Us II Might Come to PC

We can give you a full list of requirements for this job. Maybe you are reading this, and you can become from a fan and player, the next developer of the game. It would help if you had a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or you can equivalent to work experience. Besides this, strong math is needed, especially 3D math, plus it’s essential to know C and C++ programming.

Also, some experience with Vulkan, DirectX12, or other modern graphics is really needed, as well as APIs. You must know how to cope with the modern GPU architectures such as AMD, NVIDIA CUDA, or GCN. Passion for playing is a must, but also experience with HLSL or GLSL, plus the PC or console programming experience.

Finally, founding this job listing for The Last Part of Us II is not the official proof that the developers will create the game for PC. However, at the same time, Horizon Zero Dawn is now coming to PC, so we could hope that it will be the same case with The Last of Us II as well. The game will arrive on PS4 on May 29, 2020.



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