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The Last of Us 2 Press Demo Version Is Not For Players

You may or may not know yet that The Last of Us 2 video game has been delayed. However, the company that owns the game has decided to release a demo version for journalists. This way, we have a little taste of the upcoming game before its official release. This is a great idea and a smart move for the game company. The team of journalists can now have a peek as well. The demo version of the game is a replacement for the upcoming The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2 postponed for an indefinite period of time

Why do we get a demo version? Why is the demo released only to journalists? Well, Neil Druckman, the vice president of The Last of Us 2 has officially explained why in a PlayStation Blogcast radio play. He explains that releasing the demo version of the game to a controlled number of people, in this case, the journalists are not the same thing a releasing the version to everyone.

With the help of the journalists, developers were able to make a lot of changes to the game. Their feedback has brought improvements to the final video game. The reason why the demo was not released to a larger audience is that it would have created additional work for the already struggling team of developers. According to Druckman, he and his team want to focus on finishing the final product.

The Last of Us 2 is part of the exclusive series on the PlayStation platform. Nevertheless, the game is one of the most awaited exclusive games on PlayStation. Millions of players are on edge waiting for the game to be released; however, it looks like it won’t happen very soon. The reason why the game is delayed is due to the logistical problems the company has at the moment. We don’t know when the game is scheduled to come out, and there is no official confirmation either.



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