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The Last Of Us 2 – Best Tips And Tricks to Succeed

The Last of Us 2 is finally available on PS4 after so many unfortunate delays, offering a sequel to one of the most popular Play Station titles of all time. Whether you have previously played the game or not, we are here to show you some essential tips and tricks that might enhance your gaming experience.

We will present you with some beginner tips too, so that you can properly start the game, to make the early challengers easier to complete.

Also, we will try to avoid spoilers so that you can enjoy the experience uninfluenced.

Tips For Starters

The basic features of The Last of Us Part 2 feel a lot like its predecessors. There are some obvious differences in combat encounters and some added enemy types.

Here are some of the most important aspects you should consider when you start a new game:


Looting is one of the essential systems in The Last of Us. Make sure that you analyze your surroundings properly – search as many cupboards, drawers, and storage spaces as you can while you progress through abandoned buildings or pass by car ruins.

Some supplies that you find are necessary for survival because they allow you to craft items like explosives, health bandages, and precious ammo.

However, the quantity of supplies you stumble into depends on the difficulty level you are playing on. The harder the difficulty, the smaller the number of materials you will find. If you feel you can find too many or too few supplies, you can fiddle with the difficulty meter.

Accessibility And Approachability Settings

Don’t be afraid to change the game’s settings to make the experience enjoyable!

There are plenty of options that you can tweak to manipulate the gameplay. You can increase or decrease the enemy AI’s awareness level, the damage you take, and much more. Make sure that you choose the right subtitle size to be readable, but not block content.

If you want to modify all the parameters right from the start, make sure that you pick the Custom Difficulty option.


There are a ton of in-game collectibles you can find, specific to Naughty Dog’s style. Collectible vary in form and content. They can be trading cards, artifacts, and journal entries.

Most of them are placed in non-combat locations, but there are some exceptions, like an item hidden in the Hillcrest section, under a bed. Keep your eyes open for clues! If you are set on achieving 100% game completion, turn on the high contrast mode and enhanced listen mode. They make it easier to spot hidden content.


Opening safes are extremely important! Take your time to find an adequate combination for all safes. They usually contain training manuals that unlock new skill trees or new weapons. No safe is empty! If a safe doesn’t contain skill-related or progress-related items, it most likely contains ammo or supplies.

If you don’t know how to unlock a safe, make sure that you pay attention to the location you found it around. The clues are there, somewhere, always!

Dealing With Dogs

There are a few new enemy types to the game, including dogs.

If a dog senses your scent, it will follow you until it finds you or can’t locate the trail left by your scent anymore.

The trail left by the character can be seen by opening listening mode, which will provide valuable information about the path the dog and its ower will follow to locate you.

You might not like it, but dispatching of the dogs as soon as possible is crucial.

You can either take care of them by placing a trip mine along the trail left by your scent. The dog will eventually step on it. If you don’t feel like doing that, you can throw a bottle or brick, and the sound they make will temporarily distract it.



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