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Rumor: The Initiative is Rebooting Perfect Dark

The Initiative is a new studio part of Microsoft. Due to this fact, people start building up some expectations. The big hope was for the studio to create a new triple-A IP. However, the latest rumors say something different. It looks like The Initiative is rebooting Perfect Dark.

Perfect Dark is not a bad game. Darrell Gallagher did the reboot of the Rise of the Tomb Raider very well; therefore, we are quite excited about his new project. Of course, he did the Rise of the Tomb Raider revival while working for Square Enix. The reviews for this game are excellent. Many people consider the Rise of the Tomb Raider a success. Now, you understand why we are so excited about the possible restoration of the Perfect Dark game. I’m quite sure the Xbox fans will be happy too! 

Perfect Dark Return

The leading role of the Perfect Dark Zero game is Joanna Dark. She was last seen in the prequel of the Perfect Dark game back in 2005. However, her appearance in the game was not very appreciated. The public did not like the sequel as much as the 2000 original N64 game Perfect Dark. This is exactly why some people are that over the moon about the reboot of the Perfect Dark.

There are a few key questions that should be asked. Can Joanna Dark live up to people’s expectations? Was the original game that good? You see, most of the games that were revived have been very popular back in their time. However, Perfect Dark was somewhere in between. People loved this game for a while, but it was forgotten quite quickly. This is something that Microsoft will need to deal with if the reboot of the original game is accurate. If people don’t like the character, they won’t buy the remake.



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