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The Google Play Store Gets a Section for Kids and Teacher Approved Apps

With so many schools being still closed for reasons that we’re all aware of, Google comes up with a great idea for helping out the young students. The tech giant from Mountain View is adding a new section for kids within its official Android marketplace, along with a selection of apps that are approved by teachers.

The selection of apps is a very compelling one, too. Each app is presented with reasons for why teachers like it, what it’s trying to teach the children, as well as the age-appropriateness.

Release Date

Google plans to launch the app worldwide in the next several months, as it will start to roll out in the US in a few days. Joe Blatt, who is a faculty director of the Technology, Innovation, and Education Program, commented about the idea of the section for kids:

I think it’s terrific that Google is taking this unprecedented stand – creating a unique space for apps that teachers have rated high in quality and value for kids and their families,

Over the past three years, together with faculty colleagues and students, I have worked to pinpoint criteria for developmental appropriateness, learning impact, and appeal. Then we helped Google build a rating system that enables teachers to apply these criteria reliably. I’m really impressed with the dedication and professionalism that the Google team has invested in this project,

It’s nice to see the tech behemoth Google being very active as usual in the software field after it proved a lot in the hardware area as well. The company also recently updated its Maps and Chrome apps, and who knows what surprises it prepares in the near future for its users.

The Google Play Store has a staggering amount of over 1 billion users, a repository of around 1.5 million apps, and it doesn’t show any signs that it wants to slow down with these numbers.



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