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The Completely Indestructible Vehicle from GTA – No Mods and no Cheats Required

Even though the release date for the long-awaited GTA 6 will be published anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that we cannot still have a lot of fun by playing the older titles from the insanely popular series. We’re waiting for those from Rockstar Games to tell us when will GTA 6 gets released. All other sources seem unreliable, as Ned Luke himself suggested (the voice actor for GTA 5’s Michael character).

GTA 5 is the best selling game of all time, and it seems almost impossible that GTA 6 will manage to surpass it in both quality and popularity. But even older titles of the Grand Theft Auto series have a lot to offer, like features not present in the much popular GTA 5. GTA 5 has over 120 million copies sold. There are many Grand Theft Auto fans out there who are claiming that GTA San Andreas is the best game of the series, and they might be right. The 16-years-old game has fabulous gameplay, and it also provides the completely indestructible vehicle from the GTA series.

The bicycle from GTA San Andreas takes the cake

Did you know that there’s no way of destroying a bicycle from GTA San Andreas with your weapons? You can shoot it as much as you want with AK47, submachine guns, the rocket launcher, the flamethrower, or even with the minigun. You can hop into a tank and shoot it with your massive cannon, and the outcome will always be the same: the bicycle will remain fully intact and always ready for you to ride it. Pretty impressive aspect for a 2004 game, right?

GTA San Andreas has not made it into the Grand Theft Auto hall of fame only for providing the only indestructible vehicle of the series. The game packs probably the most diversified gameplay from the whole series. In GTA San Andreas you can do pretty much anything a gamer could ever dream of: killing cops, killing soldiers, killing pedestrians, saving pedestrians through ambulance side missions, robbing banks, make a girlfriend, make multiple girlfriends, dumping girlfriends, get involved in street racing, swim, get involved in street fights, get involved in gang wars, try your luck at the casino, and much more. You can even rob houses at night by quietly sneaking into them and pulling out their items like TVs, microwave ovens, VCRs, stereos, game consoles, and more. If the owner of the house gets up, he’ll call the police and you immediately get into trouble. You can also take hookers in your car and get them clients so you’ll receive a percentage of their money.

You can even be a good guy in GTA San Andreas

If you’re tired of doing illegal stuff in GTA SA, you can always turn things around by “repenting from your sins” and do good deeds, or at least becoming a normal person. You can be a firefighter or an ambulance driver so you’ll save people’s lives. You can become a policeman and kill crooks by simply stealing a police car. There’s also a way of getting yourself police clothes by having a specific girlfriend, and make her happy to the point of her buying you a present. You can also hop into a jet and destroy cars and other jets.

You can also become a taxi driver and drive people to where they want. This will also earn you cash that you can use for buying houses, guns, spend them at the casino, spend them on hookers, or spend them while taking your girlfriend out for lunch. The possibilities are endless in GTA San Andreas, and there’s no wonder why thee game is so popular and loved. Its biggest downside is the poor graphics, but what could you expect from a 2004 game?



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