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The Byte App Launches for Mobile Devices – New Way to Share Your Favorite Videos

If you enjoyed sending videos via Vine, the short-form video hosting service, then you will definitely like the Byte app since it has been already launched for Android and iOS. Byte is the sequel for Vine, and it’s basically a social media platform that allows its users to share short videos. They can either make videos by turning on their camera, or they can choose to upload existing ones.

The Byte app is another entertaining way for people to share relevant content and thus engage with others with similar tastes. Of course, it even offers the possibility for a post to go viral.

We suspected it since 2017

People have been expecting a sequel app for Vine since about three years ago, when the Vine co-founder himself, Mr. Dom Hofmann, said that he was working to bring another similar app to the world.

The Byte app is expected to become hugely popular since it’s already available in numerous countries – over 40, to be more precise. Among them we can find the United States, Russia, Canada, some from Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The developers had even said that the list of available countries would be expanded.

Chris Bryant, a creative director at Empire Studios, a video production company, stated:

When Vine first came out, I was instantly hooked. The simplicity and just the sheer ease of creating fun content on your phone with a few taps was a big deal,

Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp when it comes to video sharing, you just have to give Byte a chance. Such new apps are bringing people together as long as they encourage the sharing of interactive and intelligent content. The more people get along, the less chances we have for wars to happen. Byte saves the day in a fun way!



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