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The Best Formula for Creating The Perfect Dragon Ball-related Game

There are a lot of video games related to the insanely famous Dragon Ball franchise, but which one is the best? The latest Dragon Ball Z Kakarot released in January is still not satisfying some fans, and perhaps no game ever will.

Whether we’re talking about Dragon Ball Z, Super, GT, or the very first Dragon Ball anime, it’s very hard to make an accurate game related to the franchise. Here we’ll be presenting what the best formula for creating the best Dragon Ball game is.

Accurate finishing moves

Yes, any Dragon Ball fan likes to use Goku’s Kamehameha wave or Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, but it’s just awkward to get to use them like 5 times in one single battle, and your opponent is still not defeated. And ultimately, you defeat him with a single kick because his power bar is decreased to 0. That’s not how things work in the Dragon Ball series.

Whether we’re talking about the Kamehameha, the Final Flash, or the Special Beam Cannon, they are all finishing moves. It’s true that they haven’t been used every time to finish the opponent, but they can do so if the attacker concentrates enough power in these techniques. Kamehameha waves killed Cell and Frieza, the Special Beam Cannon killed Goku and Raditz, Final Flash blew up Cell to shreds, and so on. Therefore, these finishing moves should be used in the video games only as what they are: FINISHING MOVES.

Get rid of the very weak characters

Let’s face it: in a Dragon Ball environment where the characters have godly and Super Sayian powers, and the villains are not falling short, what’s the use of putting Raditz or Chiaodzu in the roster? Normally, they should get beaten without their opponents ever breaking a single sweat.

And yes, Yamcha and Krillin shouldn’t be on the list, as well.

The timeline

How can you put Trunks in battle with Nappa, for instance, when they could never have met in the Dragon Ball Z anime? Trunks was born way ahead after Nappa died.

Or how can you take Super Sayian God Goku to fight against Super Sayian 4 Vegeta? They are from totally different timelines and therefore should never meet each other.

The transformations

Turning Super Sayian or Super Sayian Blue and pumping up your muscles is cool, but most of the time, such transformations are embarrassing the anime. You can’t put a Super Sayian 3 Goku to fight against Super Sayian 1 Vegeta, or a Super Sayian 1 Trunks to battle Super Sayian Blue Vegeta. Not to mention even more dumb scenarios where a Kaioken Goku battles Super Sayian Blue Vegeta.

If it would be accurate as in the animes, one opponent from those battles couldn’t land a single punch. But instead, we’ve all seen battles in video games where you can beat a normally tougher opponent with ease. You have to respect the tremendous differences in power from the animes if you want a decent Dragon Ball game.

The power scaling

It’s absolutely outrageous to get a fighter like Krillin beat a Super Sayian 4 Goku if the player is good enough. The real power difference between these two is beyond imagination. Or how can you put Yamcha wiping the floor with Super Sayian Vegeta? Although Yamcha would love it for sure since Vegeta stole his girlfriend in the anime and got her pregnant.

These are the most highlighted aspects the developers of the Dragon Ball games have to keep in mind if they want to create a great game of this kind. Do you know any Dragon Ball game that fits the five above-mentioned aspects?



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