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The best alternatives to Google Play Store and how to download them

Google Play Store has tons of apps, games, and e-books for all tastes, but sometimes you may not find what you need if you’re looking for a specific product. And even if you do find a specific game or app on Google Play, you might get it at a lower price elsewhere. That’s where alternatives come in handy.

Amazon Appstore

This app is one of the places where you can find your desired content at a more convenient price than on Google Play, or even free. And you can encounter such good deals pretty often on Amazon’s Appstore. It has thousands of apps, games, movies, songs, and other content.

Another cool feature of the Appstore from Amazon is that it offers a free app daily, which normally costs money. One of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world, such as Amazon, couldn’t possibly not be having an app store. Launched in 2011, Amazon Appstore has been made available in around 200 countries.



APKMirror has the most Android apps, and you don’t even need to register an account in order to use the app store. Just download it from and explore what it has to offer. You’ll find countless useful content for Android phones. APKMirror is quick and responds very well regardless of the device you’re using it from.


With its name referring to Android, this app store also has a lot to offer. There’s also no need for registration, and the download speed is fast. The app also provides the possibility to customize the interface the way you want: changing themes, colors, etc.

“Anti-Features” such as advertising, user tracking, or dependence on nonfree software are flagged in app descriptions. F-Droid offers the source code of applications it hosts, as well as the software running the F-Droid server, allowing anyone to set up their own app repository.

You can download F-Droid from its website:



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