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The 5 Best Dating Podcasts

Dating can feel like skipping through a treacherous hellscape. Finding the right person giving you advice in your ears about the ups and downs can be crucial. We’ve compiled a list of the five best dating podcasts that will revolutionize your love life, making your treacherous path from “help, I suck at dating” to “I’ve got this” an unforgettable thrill ride.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on dating after loss, improving your communication skills, or decoding the complexities of online dating, we’ve got your back. Let’s get started.

The 5 Best Dating Podcasts Reviewed in Detail

1. Whatever: Dating Talk Podcast

When it comes to dating, men are often in search of podcasts that provide a “balanced” perspective without leaning toward extremes. Look no further than “Whatever: Dating Talk” Podcast, which is considered one of the most entertaining dating podcasts for dudes. Hosted by the opinionated Brian Atlas, this podcast offers a nuanced and constructive approach to navigating the complexities of modern dating.

Atlas picks apart dating attitudes with an approach some will describe as sexist. Is he insightful? Sometimes. Is he entertaining? Often, even if just for the cringe factor. Some of his insights are subtle; others not so much.

In the “Whatever: Dating Talk” podcast, Atlas frames the conversation about fostering healthy dynamics between men and women, encouraging open dialogue, and debunking misconceptions. By offering two sides to many debates, “Whatever” offers valuable advice that can be applied by both men and women, promoting understanding and fostering genuine connections.

2. Modern Love Podcast

Hosted by producer Anna Martin, “Modern Love” Podcast explores the emotional intricacies of the current dating world. Based on the immensely popular New York Times column, this podcast presents a collection of heartwarming and thought-provoking true stories that delve into the depths of love, loss, and redemption.

Each episode immerses listeners in poignant tales from a diverse spectrum of relationships: unconventional love stories and tales of personal growth and transformation. The podcast beautifully serves as a bird’s eye view of modern dating.

If that sparks any interest, check out these 8 Best Episodes of Modern Love Podcast.

3. How To Talk To Girls Podcast

The “How to Talk to Girls Podcast,” hosted by Tripp Kramer, is a great resource for people who want to improve their communication skills and succeed in dating. As the name of the podcast suggests, Kramer provides practical advice, insights, and strategies to help listeners confidently navigate conversations and connect with women.

With a focus on authenticity and personal growth, Kramer delves into various topics such as overcoming anxiety, understanding psychology, and mastering the art of attraction. Listeners can expect a wealth of actionable tips and real-life examples that empower them to develop meaningful connections and navigate the dating with confidence.

The best part? This series digs into secrets about psychology and how men can stay ahead to make their romantic life beautiful.

4. Savage Lovecast

The “Savage Lovecast,” hosted by the renowned sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage, is a podcast that fearlessly explores the complexities of modern love, sex, and relationships. With his unfiltered and bold approach, Savage tackles a wide range of topics, from navigating polyamory and open relationships to discussing sexual health and exploring diverse sexual interests.

As the host of the “Savage Lovecast,” Savage offers candid and non-judgmental advice to listeners who seek guidance on various relationship and sexual issues, including straight and LGBTQ issues. His witty and insightful responses provide a refreshing perspective on matters that are often considered taboo or difficult to discuss.

If your idea of modern dating requires you to spice up your life with more than a standard relationship, you need to hear to this guy. He has much more to talk about.

5. Help I Suck At Dating Podcast

The “Help I Suck at Dating” Podcast is a relatable and humorous show initially hosted by the charismatic and self-deprecating former “Bachelorette” contestant Dean Unglert. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who has ever felt lost or frustrated in the world of dating.

With refreshing honesty, Unglert shares his own personal experiences, failures, and triumphs in dating, creating a sense of camaraderie with listeners who can relate to his struggles. Through candid conversations with experts and fellow daters, the podcast has delved into a wide range of topics, including first-date jitters, relationship red flags, and navigating the challenges of modern dating culture.

Recently, the podcast has transitioned into “Help! We Suck at Being Newlyweds Podcast” but it is just as amusing and informative. The podcast is now hosted by Dean Unglert, Vanessa Grimaldi, and Jared Haibon.

Final Thoughts

Dating can be tough for the ones who’ve had bad experiences. You just have to find your way around with the most effective strategies and soon enough, a person will come and change your whole perspective.

So hang in there, sit tight, and focus on your goals meanwhile. If you want to go the extra mile, the best you can do is educate yourself. And what better way to educate yourself on dating than to hear it from the ones who have been where you are?



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