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Telegram Brings End-to-End Encrypted Video Calls

Who said that the world of video calls and instant messaging ends with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Telegram can always be a suitable alternative since it offers fast functionality across many platforms, sending files with no limit for size and type, and many more.

Telegram just celebrated its 7th anniversary on August 14, and it did it in a significant way: the developers brought end-to-end encrypted video calls to the app.

End-to-end encrypted video calls available for Android and iOS

In an official statement, Telegram says the following:

2020 highlighted the need for face-to-face communication, and our alpha version of video calls is now available on both Android and iOS

Telegram has never advertised and every user has come to the app because of a recommendation from someone they trust. Strong principles and quality features speak for themselves, and millions of you listened. We’ve heard you as well, and will continue to develop features that make Telegram much more than just a messaging app

Telegram’s main competitor, WhatsApp, prepares for a long-awaited merge with other Facebook services. Sooner or later, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger will fuse into one single app. Mark Zuckerberg made the big announcement, and it’s totally understandable. Facebook is in the position of doing anything it wants with its services, considering that it has over one billion users for its social network. All of our messages from Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp will be accessible from a single app.

With an enormous amount of more than 400 million users, Telegram does its best to satisfy their needs and wishes. By the way things look right now, Telegram won’t lose users anytime soon. The developers will keep updating their app, and it’s exciting to stay in touch to find out what’s next.



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